Getting clients over the Internet becomes more and more difficult as costs to get exclusive, quality leads increase day by day.

As the main options of advertising and ranking for keywords become increasingly difficult, what can be done to attract potential clients, to a website effectively?

Here is something you could do, too: instead trying to get traffic through the main keywords, such as ‘investments‘ or ‘weight-loss‘ that are difficult and expensive to rank for, we are using specific, highly converting search terms to get leads to our client’s website and to become their customers.

  • So, instead of ‘investments' we might be using ‘low risk investments', etc.
  • instead of ‘weight-loss', we might be using ‘weight-loss group Los Angeles', ‘weight-loss group for actors Los Angeles', etc.
  • instead of ‘mobile messaging', we might use ‘secure mobile messaging', ‘secure messaging for healthcare', ‘secure messaging in healthcare', etc.

Why would we use these kind of search-terms, as everyone knows they enjoy less searches than the main keywords?

Simply because these specific, so-called ‘long-tail' keywords have, besides the much lower competition and less cost, another BIG advantage:

These terms get used by people who are right now actively searching for a solution and in most cases, these people know much better what they want: when people are using specific search terms and we get them to come to your website, they are more likely to convert.

You easily see this for yourself: just use any keyword tool, such as e.g. Ubersuggest and see the results for your desired keywords.

For example, let's briefly look at the ‘messaging‘ niche: it's hot and very much sought after, as you can see below: 13.6 million searches per month. That's a lot.




Would you like to rank for the keyword ‘messaging' on Google?

You might but would it be profitable?


To get an idea about profitability, have a look at the CPC figure, the ‘cost-per-click'. Advertisers are only willing to pay as much as $0.30 to rank for the keyword ‘messaging‘.


Because they have tried general keywords like ‘messaging‘ before, meaning they advertised for them and apparently they didn't get much business out of them. That is why they are willing to pay only thirty cents for those kind of general keywords.


On the other hand, it is hard to rank for a term such as ‘messaging‘ in Google's organic search listings, see ‘SEO Difficulty' (and it is difficult to rank in ads – see ‘Paid Difficulty'):


messaging I

So, a lot of general keywords have become difficult to rank for, which means expensive (!) and there doesn't seem to be a lot of money in them either, since advertisers are not willing to pay a lot of money per click (CPC) for these keywords.

In contrast, take specific, highly relevant search-terms such as ‘secure messaging for healthcare', ‘secure text messaging in healthcare'. Advertisers are willing to pay, for example, $27.88 per click.


secure messaging healthcare


That is slightly more than $0.30 per click, isn't it?

Let's say there were some nasty competitors out there and they would get some robots to click a thousand times on your add (which is quite easily done). That could cost you $27,880, fast.

We are indeed using specific search-terms in the ‘Lead Capture System', terms such as ‘secure text messaging in healthcare', to get you clients but the biiig difference is that clients do not pay for clicks, as we do not use these terms in ads such as Google Adwords.


We use these search-terms for free, in so called ‘organic listings' on Google, Bing etc. like this:


secure text messaging for healthcare


And it is much easier to rank for specific search-terms like these. According to Ubersuggest, there is a ‘71% chance' to rank for the keyword ‘secure text messaging healthcare'.

Now I would take that figure with a ‘grain of salt' but nevertheless see below:


secure text messaging healthcare ranking

So, if it is easier to rank for specific search-terms and they are much more profitable, why on earth wouldn't everybody try to use these keywords?

The answer is that specific search-terms get searched far less than broad terms, which means they show less search volume. And less searches mean less visitors to the website, less people opting in, less business.

That makes it more difficult to convince ‘the boss' to use these terms.



… you can use thousands of these specific, highly converting search-terms.


Most businesses cannot build thousands of websites with thousands of website pages, with each page being optimized for a single search-term.

Why thousands of website pages, anyway?


Because thousands of search-terms will get you the volume, the opt-ins, the increase of new leads and business, you are looking for.


That is what we can do for our clients: we build websites that contain thousands of these specific search terms on thousands of website pages.

When Google, Bing, etc. index these pages, the pages get found as search results in the search engines and active searches start clicking on these organic listings on Google and Bing.


When searchers then come to one of the websites we built, they briefly interact with our website pages and then redirect them to the client’s website.

lead generation process

See the video here how leads get from Google to your website (via the websites, we build.)

The client usually has an opt-in on his landing pages, to get website visitors onto his email list.

opt-in page

Once these visitors have opted in to his email list, (s)he can send email messages to them, increasing the trust and turning those visitors into clients ‘automagically’.


If specific search-terms are converting better and they are cheaper and the rank easier, you might be asking:

Why isn't everybody using these kind of keywords?

The answer is that most people don't like the lower search volumes of these highly specific search terms and they do not have the team and (AI) tools to build websites large enough to deliver astounding overall search volumes.

We do have those (AI powered) tools and can build large websites that contain so many search-terms that even, if one keyword gets not that many clicks, all of those keywords together generate the volume businesses need to increase sales. And the kind of leads you are getting through our Leads Capture System isn't most of the time not only cheaper but often also converts better – since searchers have done some of their research already and they want to move forward.


However leads traffic in such large numbers doesn't come overnight: since we build the websites over time, we ask the clients for a little patience: we set up a 3-month pilot project for the Lead Capture System (LCS) and start building these large sites.

We monitor the traffic coming to the client's website and discuss with the client for what search terms to increase the traffic even further. Our clients get direct access to our traffic accounts, so they see in real time how many leads are clicking.

prosper202 tracking

Have you recently tried to buy a list of good leads for your business? If yes, than you probably know that

  • if you buy a lead list, most of the time these leads are rather old and if you can reach anyone, they probably are not be interested anymore
  • most lead agencies usually offer these lists to a number of customers, and the leads you are buying might have been contacted several times before and therefore get rather annoyed when contacted again
  • in Europe it has become next to impossible to buy good lists of leads, due to recent GDPR changes 

With our leads capture system, you'll get exclusive, qualified leads and you'll get them right when these leads are interested to find a solution not month after.

Organic Lead Generation

Qualified Leads: and how can you be sure that you are getting qualified leads through the Lead Capture System?

    • First of all, searches will have qualified twice before they come on your list: once by using those highly specific search terms as people who are using these kind of terms usually are no tyre kickers. Instead they know much better what they want. That is why they are using specific search terms.  
    • And secondly they will qualify themselves with their opt-in on your website: if they are interested in what you have to offer, they will opt in to your list.
    • Once they are on your (e-mail) list, it is easy to further qualify these prospects: simply by offering them a free bespoke, e.g. secure messaging solution for their company.
    • If they are interested in a custom business solution, you can ask them to fill out a short questionnaire.
      This questionnaire will allow to prioritise leads.  To qualify leads even more you can offer them to contact you via telephone to discuss the free, bespoke secure messaging solution for their company.
    • Scheduling such calls can easily be done via intelligent apps, such as Calendly, MS Outlook or, where finding a suitable time is done entirely by AI.

For those who are not quite ready yet to talk, you can offer a webinar. Webinars have proven to be one of the, for some even the highest converting marketing method. Best would be a live webinar as they enjoy the highest conversion rates but for those who want to take action now you can offer the last webinar, that was recorded. (There is good software, that allows for recorded webinars on demand.)

Additionally, the client can use true global campaigns, using about 20 major languages, including Asian languages or we can tailor their campaigns to certain countries, regions, local cities or industry sectors.

global local lead generation


In terms of success fees, we currently charge only a minimum monthly fee and do not waste any of the client’s valuable time, since we build all websites externally and just send the leads traffic to our client's websites. Thus, by offering such a cost effective and time efficient service, clients usually enjoy increased business with higher profit margins. Why are offering such low fees, currently? We basically are looking to build some references, successful case studies, as LCS has been tried with our beta testers but not with a great number of clients yet. And yes, once we have published those case studies, monthly fees will go up.

We guarantee results: we guarantee to increase leads traffic to your website by at least 28% within the first six (6) months. If we cannot meet this level of increase after your notification, we will refund your fees paid, on your request.

Plus you or your team do not need to take any time out to learn the technology involved. We see it very much like driving your car: how much do you really know about how the engine of your car works? In most cases it's just enough to know how to get from A to B.

The same applies here: in a nutshell, we build a large number of static HTML website pages using different (AI) software and other tools and in the end all you really need to know is how much traffic you are getting and how many of these leads are converting into profitable business.

p.s. Last but not least is ‘FB-Retargeting‘: as you know, basic retargeting (also called remarketing) simply works. 49% of the world’s biggest brands and 68% of marketing agencies devote specific budgets to retargeting.


Because it is so effective.

Your retargeted visitors are 70% (!) more likely to convert to clients than one-time visitors to your site.

Learn more about Advanced Retargeting …


Quick SUMMARY of what you will be able to achieve:

  • Exclusive Real-Time Leads
  • Qualified Leads
  • Higher Conversion Rates than traditional SEO
  • Higher Margins and Profitability than PPC (Google Adwords)
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • LocalGlobal Focus
  • Success Fees
  • Guaranteed Volume of Leads Traffic
  • AI powered cutting-edge Technology – yet nothing to learn
  • Sales Funnel Optimization Service
  • Advanced, highly profitable retargeting

Image credits: Ubersuggest