Marketing Automation Services
for Technology Companies

No other sector has grown in this decade as much as the technology sector- be it IT technology or core engineering technology.

We understand that long sales cycles and complex B2B deals are a regular feature of this industry. That’s why our marketing automation campaigns are designed to nurture your prospects over a long time, subtly reminding them, how your solution will improve their lives. So when it’s time to buy, they buy from you. It’s simple, cost effective and the best part, it works.

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Marketing Automation Webinar

Webinar about Marketing Automation Services

Most businesses have this in common: the desire to achieve higher profits, faster growth and better ROI. So how do you get started?
In this free webinar, Karl zu Ortenburg, CEO of A-M-I shares the following corner stones of marketing automation with you:

  1. What is marketing automation and how can your business benefit using it?
  2. How to generate profitable traffic to your website?
  3. How to generate real leads with our marketing automation formula?
  4. How to convert contacts into customers and close more deals?
  5. How to improve the efficiency of the sales funnel?
  6. How to reduce the length of the sales cycle?
  7. How to provide the ROI on marketing automation activities?

To see how marketing automation can work for your business attend the next, free webinar.