FAQ: ‘LGS – Lead GENERATION System‘,

an A-M-I Lead Generation SOLUTION

Below please find questions and answers about the LGS Lead Generation System. Building Presence, Authority and TRUST.

All: Who is this Lead Generation System for?

The ‘LGS – Lead Generation System' is for businesses who want to increase the number of quality leads to grow their business consistently.

This is for you if

  • your focus is on B2B
  • your ideal clients can be found on LinkedIn
  • You don't have the time to publish ‘daily' yourself
  • you are not an expert at social media, LinkedIn
  • you tried Google Adwords 

‘LGS' is for you, if you want a lead generation system, that

  • gets you exclusive, high quality leads
  • offers real value to your potential clients by saving them time
  • helps your potential clients to effortlessly stay up-to-date in your industry sector
  • is a system that easily pays for itself in new revenue



The LGS system is not for:

  • businesses who currently doesn't have a marketing budget
  • your annual online revenue isn’t at least $100k/yr
  • anyone who offers products or services in ‘adult', gambling, arms, hate or violence niches.


Amortisation: How long will it take for the Leads Driver System to pay for itself?

The short answer: 

 An important part of the LGS System is to enable you to approach potential clients directly. It takes about 2-3 weeks of continuous publishing to create the kind of track record, you need to get regarded as an authority in your industry sector. 

So, it makes sense to start talking with potential clients after about 2-3 weeks, and it depends on how fast you can sign the contract with new clients.


The long answer:

Measuring the contribution that a given marketing program – here LGS – has on revenue and profits is the holy grail of marketing measurement.

As a result, the most common question marketers ask is, “did THIS program (this tradeshow, this email blast…) deliver a return on our investment (ROI)?”

The ROI depends largely on what you measure:

The Leads Generation System (LGS) drives results in search, social and emails directly. So to measure the benefits of LGS, you have the choice of whether to include indirect benefits, too.

If you are looking only at the “last click” as your measure to ascertain the value of your marketing, you probably will make some bad choices …

“A disadvantage of first and last touch attribution is that today’s marketing investments may not pay off for quite some time, so the ROI of your current Marketing programs remain in limbo.

Approaches to Marketing ROI measurements that do not properly account for the time-to-investment payoff can lead to decisions that bias towards short-term gains over building true long-term value. This applies across all industries, but its impact is especially acute in companies with considered-purchase products and long revenue cycles.

The money you invest today will have an uncertain impact at an uncertain point in the future.  Last month’s tradeshow may deliver results next month or perhaps not for two years.

According to The Lenskold Group / eMedia Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study, almost 2/3 of companies use either no tracking or basic single attribution.

Measuring ROI

Marketing wisdom says at least seven touches are needed in order to convert a cold lead into a sale.  Whether or not this is the correct number, the principle conveys an element of truth: every marketer knows it takes multiple touches to create a customer.  This fact makes it difficult to allocate revenue to any specific touch.” says Marketo's Jon Miller.


Depending on your Avatar’s typical buying cycle, it might take 3 months, or it might take 6 months, – see Jon Miller's “tyranny of time” – to start accumulating top-to-bottom metrics. However, long before that – certainly in the first 3 months – you will have hard evidence that the system is working to fill up your funnel.

B2B: will this work for B2B?

Yes, as the Lead Generation System works actually best for B2B clients. 

In fact, the longer your sales cycles are, the more lead nurturing your clients need, the more you should be using a professionally automated and continuous content publishing system!

The trust you are building with this kind of lead nurturing is quite different from paying for ads.

Blog: Why do we use a blog for the lead generation system?

Simply because we usually send our article summaries to the client's WordPress blog, in a Draft post status. The client then scans the post and sets it to Publish with one click. That puts this post into the publishing queue from where the post gets published to the social media accounts. 

    Cancellation: What happens if I stop running LGS?

    Unless you want to stop growing your sales with LGS (the Leads Generation System), you shouldn't stop using it ;-)

     However, you can upgrade and downgrade your account as you wish. Should you wish to cancel your account, please let us know 30 days in advance. There are no penalties.

    Client Names: Why are you not showing any client’s names?
    We’d love to but our clients prefer their prospects to believe that they have written all that great content themselves and therefore are the authority to go to.
    Content: do you create the content for publishing?

    Yes, content creation and consulting are the main parts of our service.

    We create summaries about articles in your industry sector, written by experienced writers (no robots) and checked for quality.

    Content Examples: Can you show examples of the content that gets created?
    Content: What Makes A-M-I an Expert in Content Marketing?

    Our expert Internet Marketing team is experienced, knowledgeable, and flexible. As a marketing automation firm, we build and manage content marketing and marketing automation campaigns that create a strong online presence for our clients, and ultimately a loyal following of customers.

    We know what it takes to create an online buzz. We also realize that every company is different, and will need a different strategy.

    As your content marketing firm, we'll help you define which kind of user you should be targeting, and which channels to use to maximize your traffic and social media conversions.

    Our content marketing management services are priced to give you the best “bang for your buck,” and will ensure that you reach the right audience.

    Content Marketing: Why is Web Content Marketing so Powerful?

    Unlike traditional internet marketing plans that focus on one area of improving search engine rankings and traffic, online content marketing impacts your overall web presence. It introduces customers to your company or brand without being pushy. It convinces repeat visitors that you are trustworthy.

    Content marketing can spread your name far and wide, ensuring that more people know about you and what you are about.

    That is why content marketing has been deemed one of the most effective methods of lead generation online!

    Content marketing indeed is a very effective marketing strategy as part of marketing automation and a successful sales funnel. It shows your ideal customers interesting content continuously, keeping you and your brand on their mind. A lot of your ideal clients haven't heard from you so far and aren't aware of what you have to offer.

    Content marketing changes that!

    • In stage 1 your ideal customers become aware of you, simply by seeing posts, articles and, videos etc. you are publishing.
    • In stage 2 your potential customers build trust in your brand, your products, and services, simply by you continuing to publish valuable information, relevant to their niche, their needs and wants.
    • In stage 3 potential customers become actual customers or clients when they follow your invitation to purchase offers.

    Content takes many forms, from blogs and articles to infographics or motion graphics. Instead of making hard sales pitches, content marketing serves as a way to introduce consumers to your brand. It's a low-pressure way to bring new leads into your sales process, providing content that is truly helpful and useful.

    While link building plans focus solely on text links, the value of content marketing comes from the myriad of departments involved and the creative techniques used to develop a content outreach strategy that goes far beyond traditional link building.

    Other content marketing firms may focus just on creating your content—but we're different. Our plans include everything from design and creation to SEO, outreach, social media, and natural link earning.

    While some companies focus mostly on building links, the value of a professional content marketing strategy stretches far beyond that of links as you can build a highly valuable brand with predictable sales and an outstanding ROI.

    Warning: Don't get tempted when offered a ‘cheap' link building service with fast rankings …

    Link building did indeed work a couple of years ago but Google does NOT like artificially built, aka. bought links and has become very effective in spotting manufactured links and handing out hefty penalties taking your site off the rankings and your online income down in a blink. Link building has become unsafe!

    Today professional content marketing services include strategies dedicated to increasing your website's power and rankings through high-quality content like market niche relevant abstracts and summaries, video clips, summaries, and transcripts, social media posts, branded blog posts, weekly digest e-mails, and even eBooks.

    • Our collaborative content marketing team includes highly specialized members such as:
      • skilled article & copywriters and a content quality manager,
      • an SEO strategist,
      • a WordPress optimization specialist,
      • a graphic designer,
      • a social media strategist,
      • a Facebook advertising expert (for content boosting),
      • video producers,
      • experienced content distribution specialists,
      • (sometimes) a Google Adwords specialist (to scale up campaigns fast)

    Content publishing is king but how can you do it in your busy days? You don't need to since we can do it for you and publish for you – almost daily!  
    Learn more here.

    Generation Content Volume: Why are we going to publish so much with your system?

    “Winning in digital media now boils down to a simple equation:
    figure out a way to produce the most content.” 

    You might be thinking ‘Quality over Quantity’ and that is true to a certain degree but only to a certain degree.

    For starters, you are competing for attention and for your target audience plus you are competing against everyone else in that space. If your target audience doesn’t read content you published, they will read someone else’s posts, potentially click to their website and might become their long-term customer or client.

    That really is it.

    The (publishing) world has changed … for good.

    The Washington Post now publishes around 1,200 posts a DAY.

    That is quite an amount of content. My initial reaction when I read the statistic was ‘surely that is too much, the quality will suffer, why produce so much content?’ The answer seems to be that it works. The Post’s web visitors have grown 28% over the last year and they passed the New York Times for a few months at the end of 2015 …


     Image Credit: Buzzsumo The Future is More Content: Jeff Bezos, Robots and High Volume Publishing


    Get more content, get more seen, get more customers | clients. 
    We do the hard work and publish for you – almost daily!  
    Learn more here.

    Contracts: Do you have long-term contracts?

    There are no long-term contracts. You can cancel at the beginning of any month.

    Cost: What are the costs involved in content Marketing?


    Before we answer the question about what the costs of content marketing are, let me emphasize the following.

    One of the most important things to get clear on what your content marketing campaign goals are.

    By understanding your goals first, you can better understand the scope and cost of a content marketing campaign.

    There are several content marketing goals that could possibly apply to your business:

    • build brand awareness,
    • grow traffic to your website,
    • increase leads, or
    • boost online sales.

    Tailoring your campaign to meet and exceed your goals will drive the metrics you track and the baseline to measuring results.

    Because content will explode in the coming years, and the years thereafter, it’s critical to develop a content marketing budget.

    This is often easier said than done, though. Larger companies might have a tough time securing executive buy-in for a content marketing budget, while smaller businesses might believe that content is an overnight ROI producer, and too early slash the budget when that dream doesn’t come true fast enough.

    Marketers who want to succeed with content marketing need to take a strategic and intentional approach to the structure, contents, and timeframe of their content marketing budget. By considering variables like content goals, target audiences, distribution methods, and more, a functional and long-lasting content budget can be set up to guide your content strategy in the coming year.

    Now let's answer your question about the costs involved in marketing your content.

    The Cost of Content Marketing
    (and some of the Benefits)

    Content marketing is far more affordable and has a better return than other forms of marketing, but it isn't free.

    According to CMI (the Content Marketing Institute), content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing (advertising, etc.) and often generates three times as many leads. But to calculate the content's impact on your bottom line, you need to understand where your budget is going.

    You need to understand the associated costs, of creating content, distributing and evaluating its effectiveness.

    Let's say you're developing a premium e-book to share with your audience or to target a large potential client with it.

    The ebook may cost $1,000 – $3,000 to have it written, another $1,000 to have it edited, and $500 to have it designed properly.

    The total cost of creating this resource is $2,500 at the lowest, but then there is the content distribution to account for.

    Custom graphics designed to promote the resource on social media is another $1,500.

    In addition, you decide to pay to advertise the document on LinkedIn for $2,000 and pay for its inclusion in a leading industry newsletter for another $1,000.

    The distribution costs are $4,500, plus the $2,500 to produce it.

    According to a 2016 Curata post, marketers spend an average of 38% of their content budgets on curation and aggregation, 35$ on creation, and 29% on content workflow.


    Content Marketing Audit

    Sometimes, tailoring your campaign includes a complete research and strategy audit. This is what a strategy audit could look like:

    • Inventory of existing site content
    • Content and resource planning
    • Social media efforts
    • Competitor performance
    • Website optimization
    • Analytics tracking
    • And more…

    Depending on the size and scope of your company’s goals, just the content strategy site audit could cost anywhere between $5,000-$25,000.

    Content Marketing Strategy

    A professional content marketing strategy will incorporate all of the research listed above, as well as a detailed plan for moving forward.

    As the strategy of a campaign is a critical component in the process, and the size and scope of businesses requiring a strategy vary greatly, you will find that pricing for this type of work will vary greatly as well.

    Content strategies can be priced anywhere from $5,000 for a very basic strategy to $50,000 or more for a comprehensive strategy that might be appropriate for the Fortune 500.

    Once the audit is completed, it's time to decide on what kind of content should be used for your content marketing strategy.

    Content Creation

    Content Creation

    Content can be created from a variety of digital mediums to enforce and get your point across.

    Some examples of the content types are:

    • Infographics
    • Free guides
    • Case studies
    • Videos
    • Curated content
    • Resource pages
    • Articles
    • Interactive content

    Once you have decided on a topic and content format to use, the next step in the process is to create a rough draft, wireframe, or outline for the intended content piece.

    The creation of content depends on complexity, research, employee incentives, etc., but generally falls into the price range of $500 – $3,000 for solid content pieces, including time for revisions, research, custom graphics, etc.

    When looking at the cost of content creation keep in mind that you are creating a tangible asset, a piece of online real estate that will keep bringing you leads and business for many years.

    This is the beauty of content marketing, it’s not a quickly come – quickly go thing, like traditional advertising; it’s an asset that keeps producing.

    When you create these content assets, make sure they deliver the highest return they can.


    By optimizing how they perform.

    Content Optimization

    Properly optimized content ensures that search engines and your target audience will find the content via many different channels online, thereby increasing your brand authority and awareness or helping you to achieve other goals.

    Doing research and choosing the titles of a specific piece of content will be important to getting the content viewed by as many people as possible.

    Optimizing page titles, creating SEO friendly URL’s, using image ALT tags, and integrating header tags are important for the on-page aspects of the website and your written content.

    Split-, multivariate and AI testing can allow you to find the highest converting page layout and site copy to increase sales or leads in your online business. This makes a real difference to the bottom line!

    Optimization services content can range from provider to provider with many charging an hourly rate (around $75-$200) to implement and execute the required changes.

    This step can also be integrated into a long-term content marketing campaign with all content pieces getting optimized from the ground level up.

    Content Promotion

    With your content optimized, the next vital component is getting the content in front of the right audience.

    Basically, there are the search engines and the social platforms to find your audience.

    On Google, you can exhibit your products and services, to those who are actively searching, together with at least 10 competitors, on the same page.

    On Social Media, you can approach those who are already connected to you and you can grow your (custom) audience.

    Having your social media accounts set up and properly handled can be instrumental in building a trusting and engaged audience that comments, retweets, repins and reshares the content with their network.

    Including your company branding and color scheme in the customization of the various platforms will instill trust and confidence in your brand across the web.

    With a wide array of options to get your content distributed and seen, pricing varies depending on the agency and your campaign goals.

    Prices to distribute content, to create, optimize and manage social media accounts, can range from $75-150/hour.

    Or you might want to set aside an advertising budget of $1,000, to see if you can get traction and ultimately a measurable ROI for your content.

    A freelancer who calls himself a “Content Strategist” or a “Content Marketing Manager” with a background in data science, journalism, advertising or content marketing may require a monthly retainer for strategy, usually starting between $1,500–2,000 a month.

    In-House Team

    If instead of outsourcing content marketing to an agency like us, you wanted to run a team in-house to set up, manage and optimize your content marketing campaigns, you would probably be looking at costs like the ones below. (Vertical Measures)

    Just to show you what an enterprise such as Nestle spends per day, only on Facebook alone, on content marketing:

    Nestle Social Posts Content Creation Cost

    Source: Inc.com

    Now let's see what Nestle spends on content marketing, approx. not only on Facebook but 7 marketing channels over the course of a year.


    Nestle Content Marketing per channel per day

    Source: Inc.com

    That is approx. $325 Mil per year for content marketing alone …

    And just a little bit more than our service costs – don't worry, I am just kidding.

    In-house team: if more than one person is needed on the team (and mostly it is), then there must be at least a content strategist. In the U.S., the national average yearly salary for a Content Strategist ranges from $37,000–103,000, according to PayScale.

    An in-house team pays yearly salaries for one or more content creator to produce various content for their brand all year-round. Depending on specialty, skill level and experience, a Content Creator can cost between $32,00–80,000 a year, according to GlassDoor.

    A Content Marketing Partner is different from the first two: the partner finds the content creators for you, works out the scope and details of the contract, creates and produces the content—including several layers of editing, fact-checking, proofing, etc.—and delivers the final work. They can also create multiple pieces and charge for it monthly.

    Content creation costs from a content marketing firm range between $3,000–10,000 a month for a breadth of services, but it very much depends on the nature and frequency of what’s being produced. (Quietly)

    Source: SiriusDecisions

    Below you will find the cost for the sort of team you would need to set up, manage, track, test and optimize the kind of campaigns we offer as a service, e.g. running a Content Marketing System for Lead Generation and a Social Sales Funnel.

    Basically, your team would create content assets (e.g. quality text abstracts and summaries, online press releases, videos summaries and transcripts, infographics, motion graphics, etc.). Once created your team would distribute these assets to multiple channels (e.g. social media platforms, YouTube, your blog and email lists, etc.).

    Your team would then evaluate the response and engagement of your campaigns, repeat ‘best-sellers', advertise resp. boost high engagement items to grow your audience and remarket to them for greater effect. Most of this action your team would track, test and optimize to increase the ROI of your campaigns further.

    Here are the salaries of the various team members for such a team as (low) average cost per year:

    • Team of Writers – $42,042.00 x ….. for one or more article writer each (Payscale)
    • Team of quality Supervisors – $42,042.00 for at least one supervisor 
    • Content Curation Specialist – $51,307.00 (Indeed) 
    • Video Production Specialist –$50,805.00 (Glassdoor)
    • Video Marketing Specialist – $53,160.00  (Indeed) 
    • Facebook Ads Specialist – $42,955.00  (Indeed) 
    • Graphic Designer – $48,692.00  (Glassdoor)
    • Infographics Specialist – $53,548.00  (Indeed) 
    • Motion Graphics Specialist – $70,047.00  (Glassdoor)
    • Marketing Automation Specialist – $55,000.00 (Payscale)
    • Inbound Specialist – $58,302.00  (Glassdoor)
    • Conversion Specialist – $44,620.00  (Neuvoo)
    • AI Specialist –$30,729.00  (Salaryexpert)

    The cost, just for the above team of specialists, adds up to $593,749.00 per year.

    What does it cost to manage such a team?

    Here are average costs per year for someone managing the contact to the clients, plus s.o. managing the team of specialists:

    • Dedicated Account Representative – $62,683.00  (Glassdoor)
    • CEO Marketing Firm – $163,000.00  (Payscale)

    That is another $225,683.00 on top per year.

    Together: $819,432.00 per year

    Source: SiriusDecisions

    Final Thoughts

    As you can easily see, the cost of content marketing can range from under $100,000 to $17 million and above depending on your business size, goals, marketing budget, and resources.

    The earlier you start using content marketing for your business the greater the advantage of becoming the thought leader in your industry before your competitors catch up.

    Creating quality content that helps and informs your target audience can be easier, more affordable and usually is more profitable than traditional methods of advertising.

    Ease into this new form of growing your business online with content marketing and tap into the various advantages that content marketing can bring you and your business.


    Want more leads for your business at a fraction of your usual investment? 
    We do the hard work and publish for you – almost daily!  
    Learn more here.

    Cost: What are costs per lead, In General?


    Cost per Lead, by Industry, Hubspot

    The media and publishing industries report the lowest cost per lead, at $11–25.

    Software, information technology and services, marketing agencies, and financial services companies all report the highest average cost per lead, at $51-100.

    how much should a lead cost


    DIY: Do you have a course where we can learn how to do this ourselves?

    You might want to ask yourself whether you really WANT to do this yourself?

    This is not a one-man-band job. You will need to educate, manage and pay an entire team of content writers, quality enforcers, SEO, traffic & conversion, marketing automation, analytics, etc. specialists and experts.

    Plus you will still need to purchase several software licenses or code one yourself.

    The software we use for the Lead Generation and Conversion Automation System took 9 years to develop, test and perfect. To build such a system is slightly more complex than it might look from the outside.

    However, we indeed, are in the process of putting together a video course that shows how you can use LGS.






    Goals: what are your campaign goals?

    One of the most important things to get clear on is this: what are your campaign goals?

    By understanding your goals first and foremost, you can better understand the scope and cost of a potential campaign.

    There are many content marketing goals that could possibly apply to your business:

    • build brand awareness,
    • grow traffic to your website,
    • increase leads, or
    • boost online sales.

    Tailoring your campaign to meet and exceed your goals will be what ultimately drives the metrics you track and the baseline to measure results against.

    Choose the ones that work best for your business and your plans.

    What are some goals for your business? Get more leads, increase margins and profitability? 
    We do the hard work and publish to extend the reach of your brand for you.  
    Learn more here.

    Guarantee: Can you guarantee that I will make more sales than what it costs to use your system?

    We cannot guarantee the number of sales you will be making. No-one can. 

    Investment: Is it the same fee every month or does it increase?

    It stays the same, a – predictable – fee every month, as long as you need it.

    Nevertheless when clients see the benefits, usually after a 3 months period, most of them want to scale up the results. We usually discuss options then and find something that suits the client best.

    Investment: What is the Investment for the Lead Generation system?

    We offer 3 basic Lead Generation System Packages:

    1. PUB: The Social Media Publishing Package
    2. ABM: Approach Your Ideal Clients
    3. VID: Use Videos Wit Your Posts

    Each package consists of a number of modules that you can book, meaning we do the work this module entails. Or you do certain modules yourself, as for example you maintain your blog yourself anyway. Your investment depends on how many modules we do for you, per package.

    Please email us at info [@] a-m-i-ltd.com for a quote. 

    Investment options: Is there one plan or can we choose from different options according to what growth level we aim for?

    Each LGS package consists of a number of modules that you can book, meaning we do the work this module entails.

    Or you do certain modules yourself, as for example you maintain your blog yourself anyway. Your investment depends on how many modules we do for you, per package.

    Leads: Can't I just BUY Leads?

     Why is buying leads not such a great idea, in general?

    Marketers and salespeople alike want to fill their sales funnel and quickly. That's where the temptation to buy leads comes in. Buying sale leads, as opposed to generating them organically, is much easier and takes far less time and effort, despite being more expensive. So why shouldn't you just buy leads?

    First and foremost, any leads you've purchased don't actually know you. Typically, they've “opted in” at some other site when signing up for something, and didn't actually opt-in to receiving anything from your company.

    The messages you send them are therefore unwanted messages, and sending unwanted messages is intrusive, not inviting. (Remember that disruptive call I got when I was trying to eat my spaghetti? That's how people feel when they receive emails and other messages from people they didn't ask to hear from.)

    If the prospect has never been to your website, indicated an interest in your resources, products, services, or even industry, then you’re interrupting them … plain and simple.

    If they never opted in to receive messages from you specifically, then there's a high likelihood they could flag your messages as spam. This is quite dangerous for you.

    Not only does this train their inbox to show only emails they want to see, but it indicates to their email provider which emails to filter out. Once enough people click flag your messages as spam, you go on a “blacklist,” which is then shared with other email providers.

    Once you get on the blacklist, it’s really, really hard to get back off of it. In addition, your email deliverability and IP reputation will likely be harmed.

    It's always, always, always better to generate leads organically rather than buy them. (Hubspot)


    Languages: Will this work in foreign languages?

    We currently offer this service primarily in English language, can do German, too. No other languages at the moment, sorry, as all team members would have to speak that language, too.

    Links: Can’t I just buy some links and get ranked?

    You could, BUT the risks of getting penalized by the search engines are not worth it: Link buying used to work a couple of years ago but Google got much smarter over the years.

    Today link building – as most people know it – just sucks. Even the people who do it for a living hate doing it. There's too much manual labor involved, and no matter how many cool little tricks you might learn over the years, the costs are going up.

    “Build a Brand, with Content for your Audience and profitable, NATURAL Links will come. That is a fact!”

    We stopped using those methods over 5 years ago, and we haven't looked back. In all that time, we have not bought a link, sold a link, rented a link, or emailed strangers to beg for links. Not for ourselves, and not for our clients. And yet, over the past year and a half, our clients have been experiencing a rate of traffic growth that we haven't seen since the “good old days” of SEO.

    Don’t get me wrong: we are still getting links. We're just not BUILDING them. At all.

    It's a lot easier. It works a lot faster.

    And for full-time SEOs, it's a lot easier to scale.

    Why does this work?

    One client dubbed the system a ‘relationship building system’ in disguise and yes that is what we essentially do. We build relationships, trust and a brand to last.

    Do you want more leads for your business? We do the hard work and publish for you – almost daily!  Learn more here.

    Niches: What type of business or service will the lead generation system not work for?
    In general, this Lead Generation System works for most businesses.

    However we can’t help you much with an ‘escort service in Las Vegas’, other ‘adult services’, the arms trade, hate or violence promoting material. I hope that's understandable.

    Niches: will this lead generation system work in all niches?

    Yes, probably. Best is to explain to us what you do, just send us an email to customer.service@a-m-i-ltd.com

    Purpose: Why do you offer this ‘Leads Generation and Conversion Automation Solution’?

    Mostly because we understand that people want help with creating content, and using this content to sign up clients.


    On a side note: we believe if more people succeed at what they like, the world will be an even better place. :-)

    Sign-up: Where do I sign up for the Lead Generation System?

    You can sign up for ‘Leads Generation System', on this page:


    Please note that after you clicked the ‘Learn More' button on the page, we show you a couple of questions to get to know your business. I would be grateful if you could briefly answer these questions.

    Thank you.

    Once we have received your questionnaire, we will get in touch with you via e-mail to arrange for your free telephone consultation with one of our team members. (S)he will explain how to get started.

    Looking forward to creating and publish your content, thus increasing the reach of your brand, sales, and ROI

    Karl zu Ortenburg

    CEO A-M-I


    Solution: Is there an easier way, a 'one button' solution?

    GGGIt's normal that, if you haven't used a lead generation' system before, this is all a bit unfamiliar but every journey starts with a first step.

    The next steps become clearer when you are moving forward. I sometimes use the image of moving through fog: you can only ever see that far and to see farther, you need to move forward until at one point the fog lifts and the journey becomes easier. After some time the sun might even show up, making your journey delightful.

    It really is not that difficult at all once you learn how. It’s also very time efficient! Most of it we do anyway: we set up the Lead Generation System and manage it for you. We always tell you how things are coming along and we have a look together at the current state, so you can see for yourself.

    If you want to, you can get started with the basic LGS version and upgrade later on. We want you to feel entirely comfortable with the system and are happy to answer the questions you have.

    We fully understand that is not easy to make the leap if you do not fully, 100%, understand how everything works.

    Take your time, then get started with the basic LGS version, since it is far better to do something than to do nothing ;-)

    Support: What If I need Help?
    First of all, you shouldn't be needing any support since we set up and manage the lead generation system for you and we have monthly meetings (online) where we look at everything there is to discuss.

    But we also have a layered support system  to help you out in most situations.

    We have a support email (support@a-m-i-ltd.com) and live chat staffed by the people on our team that run the system for clients. This channel will get escalated to a key account manager if required.

    Want more technical help? You can always buy an hour of time to either get advice or get a custom implementation done for you. The charge is modest and there’s even a discount if you pre-purchase
    a block of hours.

    Staff - What kind of team would I need to do content marketing?

    The following experts and specialists work for your success. It is the kind of team you would need to run a Content Marketing System for Lead Generation and a Social Sales Funnel. The following are (low) average costs per year:

    • Team of Writers – $42,042.00 for at least one article writer (Payscale)
    • Team of quality Supervisors – $42,042.00 for at least one supervisor
    • Content Curation Specialist – $51,307.00 (Indeed) 
    • Video Production Specialist –$50,805.00 (Glassdoor)
    • Video Marketing Specialist – $53,160.00  (Indeed) 
    • Facebook Ads Specialist – $42,955.00  (Indeed) 
    • Graphic Designer – $48,692.00  (Glassdoor)
    • Infographics Specialist – $53,548.00  (Indeed) 
    • Motion Graphics Specialist – $70,047.00  (Glassdoor)
    • Marketing Automation Specialist – $55,000.00 (Payscale)
    • Inbound Specialist – $58,302.00  (Glassdoor)
    • Conversion Specialist – $44,620.00  (Neuvoo)
    • AI Specialist –$30,729.00  (Salaryexpert)

    The cost just for the above team of specialists would add up to $593,749.00 per year alone.

    What would it cost you to manage such a team? Here are average costs per year for someone managing the contact to the client plus s.o. managing the team of specialists:

    • Dedicated Account Representative – $62,683.00  (Glassdoor)
    • CEO Marketing Firm – $163,000.00  (Payscale)

    That is another $225,683.00 on top per year.

    Together: $819,432.00 per year

    If you want to find out how you, too, can benefit from content marketing, contact us at info [@] a-m-i-ltd.com. We're happy to show you different options for your bespoke content marketing plan.

    Do you want more leads for your business without hiring and paying an entire new team? We do the hard work and publish for you – almost daily!  
    Learn more here.

    Upgrade - Can I upgrade later on?
    Yes, you can upgrade at a later stage as well, when you feel comfortable re-investing more.

    You may downgrade as well, although that hardly ever happens. Clients usually want more results.

    Just give us 30 days to make the change.

    Videos: Can we use videos with the lead generation system?

    Absolutely, if you already have videos, that’s great and we can use them as that is where the search traffic is going to go.

    Depending on which plan you are starting with, we can do videos for your posts, too. We can even produce new fresh promotional video clips for you.

    Video is the fast-growing content of all as you can see below:

    Video Content growing fast

    Source: Inc.com

    Do you want more leads for your business? 
    We do the hard work and (video) publish for you – almost daily!  
    Learn more here.

    White Label: Can you provide your service on a ‘white label’ base?

    Since we are showing clients examples from our website and social posts, white label doesn't make much sense. However, if you introduce us to a client, we can pay you ongoing fees for as long as we work with the client. Would that work for you?

    Why You: Why should we buy your lead generation and conversion service and not someone else's?

    It really is up to you and what you want.

    We can only try to answer all of your questions and in the end, you have to decide.

    Yes, I know there are a lot of sirens out there trying to lure you to their shores with ‘rich and famous over night’ promises but you might just end up on the cliffs, ship-wrecked and frustrated …

    I am not saying you will but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (not true).

    Building a solid business just takes time, even with some lucky tech start-ups around. However, those are few compared to the 90% (!) of new companies going out of business.

    What would I do?

    Get as much information as possible, see whether you want to work with the people at your service provider and with everything else being equal go with your gut feeling.

    You know, we are here and if we believe we can help you and we have a slot available currently (we might have a waiting list), we happily help you scale your leads, sales and ROI.

    Do you want more leads for your business? We do the hard work and publish for you – almost daily!  Learn more here.

    Note: Ask us any additional questions you might have either via e-mail at customer.service@a-m-i-ltd.com, or on the next webinar or you click this link where we ask you a couple of questions about your business and give you the opportunity to schedule a free call with someone on the team.

    More leads for your business? Learn more here.