Here are 8 important B2B Influencer Marketing stats, so you can see why you, too, want to use B2B Influencer Marketing:

  1. 96% of B2B marketers that engage influencers to consider their program to be successful.
  2. 60% of B2B marketers who use Always-On Influencer Marketing programs are very successful.
  3. 79% of B2B marketers believe influencer marketing will grow in importance over the next 12 months.
  4. 69% believe influences are effective for attracting prospective customers.
  5. 63 of marketers agree that marketing would have better results if it included a B2B influencer marketing program.
  6. 74% of marketers agree that influencer marketing improves customer and prospect experience with the brand.
  7. 50% of B2B marketers integrate Influencer Marketing with SEO
  8. 50% of the most successful influencer marketers use software to identify influencers#B2BInfluencerMarketing #B2BMarketing #B2B