Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, 

What if you could connect with your potential clients right at the moment they are looking for something, something YOU offer? This is the power of specific, relevant, highly converting business leads. And it is why so many companies feel they need to constantly throw large sums of money into advertising, like Google Adwords, LinkedIn, YouTube ads, etc. At AMI we have developed an effective system that needs no such ads. How? Simply by giving people what they are specifically looking for: We send our clients a constant stream of relevant leads. These leads have qualified themselves by searching for a solution like yours with highly descriptive search-terms. They have done their research and are ready to act. Since we focus exclusively on people who know they e.g. want a service like yours, more leads will convert into long-term clients. And a much smaller investment will get these highly profitable business leads to your website and onto your email list! Our brand new AI powered Lead Capture System (LCS) sends very large numbers of profitable leads to clients: for zero risk since, we only require a 3 month pilot project, offer a guarantee and the option to cancel at any time (after the pilot). If you have heard about highly specific ‘long-tail’ keywords before, than you might ask what we do differently. The answer is, we give you qualified leads at a volume, that hasn't been possible before. New technology helps us to deliver what businesses have been looking for – for quite some time. And all you need is an opt-in page on our website. We send you exclusive leads – in big numbers. If you’re interested to get a constant stream of qualified leads to your site, let me know and I’ll send you some more information. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to walk you through the system in person or on the phone. This is the only time you need to invest. Leads will then come ‘automagically’! Karl zu Ortenburg