Converting Visitors to Leads and Customers

Growing Traffic To Your Website Automatically

Increasing Revenue From Existing Customers

Improving The ROI Of Marketing With Automation

Reducing Cost Of Customer Acquisition

What Is Marketing Automation?

What Is Marketing Automation?

How Can Marketing Automation Work For YOU? CNBC's 'The Profit' Marcus Lemonis says:  "Every company needs this!" But what is it? And how can Marketing Automation help your business, reduce costs, increase profits and ROI and ideally also 'give' you more time to focus...

Lead Generation System – LGS

Lead Generation System – LGS

“How To Get A Pipeline Of Exclusive Business Leads Online, Without The Cost Of Exhibiting At Trade Shows Or Attending Conferences.” Use the 7 Steps outlined below, to build your own system to get new clients online, using LinkedIn. Dear Entrepreneur, Business Founder,...


A-M-I Lead Generation Marketing Automation II


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  • Basic and Advanced Functions
  • Difference to CRMs
  • Marketing ROI analysis

B2B Companies

Marketing Automation

  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead lifecycle management

B2C Companies

Marketing Automation

  • Cross-selling
  • Up-selling
  • Customer loyalty