Retargeting‘: as you know, basic retargeting (also called remarketing) simply works. 49% of the world’s biggest brands and 68% of marketing agencies devote specific budgets to retargeting.


Because it is so effective.

Your retargeted visitors are 70% (!) more likely to convert to clients than one-time visitors to your site.

Most other companies with unlimited budgets and expensive ad designers only convert 2% of first time visitors with paid advertising, such as Google Adwords.

The fact is that when prospects visit your website for the first time, they need to see your message several times before they buy from you:

“The ‘Rule Of Seven’ states prospective buyers need to come across an advertiser’s message at least seven times before they take action” Adcetera

This is one of the reasons why we offer a Lead Generation Publishing Service, where we publish almost daily for clients. This creates trust, action and clients.

But let's get back to retargeting.

Retargeting is one of the most cost effective ways to get your message to your target clients.

It gives you a chance to get in front of your visitors and stand out from your competition, without annoying them: 89% of people seeing retargeting ads have either a positive or neutral reaction to them … meaning most consumers don’t find retargeting disruptive. . . unlike pop-ups or sliders which most visitors find really annoying.

Here are some interesting numbers about retargeting:

  • Retargeted customers are 4 times more likely to convert than first time site visitors
  • Retargeting boosts ad response rates up to 400%
  • Consumers “abandoning carts” before purchase are over 3x more likely to return and complete the purchase if they’re served retargeting ads

However, even retargeting became more difficult and expensive to carry out successfully, mainly to rising ads costs in social media, e.g. Facebook.

With standard retargeting, every person who lands on your website gets added to your custom audience… regardless whether or not they demonstrated that they are interested in what you have to offer.

For example some visitors may have bounced off your page in .05 seconds, whereas others stay on your site for five minutes or longer. Do you think both types of visitors are equally profitable?

They aren't for sure and you want to target the right ones, only – with your retargeting.

Why would you want to risk your retargeting ad budget on an untargeted audience anyway?

With the Leads Capture System (LCS) you have the chance to easily test a wide range of search-terms and get different types of leads to your website. This would be rather expensive with paid advertising, such as Google Adwords but with LCS you can test a wide range of search-terms without paying extra.

You can even see whether you will be able to turn some leads into clients that were actually searching for one of your competitors!

Since you can get such diverse types of visitors to your site, you want to make sure you retarget the right leads, the ones that already have shown considerable interest in your products or services.

This you hardly can do with traditional retargeting.

With advanced retargeting, you can and ROI usually goes through the roof!

In a test, basic retargeting resulted in 31 sales after spending €219, while advanced retargeting, resulted in 85 sales (= $25,245 in revenue) spending only €124!

This increase in profitability became possible because we were only (re)targeting only our most engaged website visitors.

We measured a 384% improvement and without changing anything in the ads or landing pages.

Here’s what people are saying when the use advanced retargeting:

“This immediately lowered my cost per sale from $11.85 to $3.78 – performing more than 3 times better compared to my other retargeting audiences!”

Justin Brooke, one of the top paid acquisition guys on the Internet, said he was “able to reduce his retargeting ad costs, simply by retargeting only those who stayed on his website for longer than 45 seconds.”

If such a simple change already resulted in astonishing results, imagine what you could do with more advanced techniques, targeting visitors based on their actual behaviours.

For example, when you respond to how visitors came to your site, your conversions go up, no doubt about it. Visitors retargeted this way are four times more likely to engage with your content.

Here are some advanced ways how you can retarget your website visitors:

  • Google Search: you can easily create audiences from traffic referred directly by Google – the ‘holy grail’ of profitable organic traffic. And you might know already, traffic from Google is the kind of traffic we specialize in: exclusive, qualified leads that are searching for a solution right now – a solution like your products or services.
  • All Search Traffic: website visitors coming from Google, Bing,  Yahoo, etc. looking for solutions to their problems, having done their research, which makes them a lucrative audience for retargeting
  • Social Media Traffic: when you match your retargeting ads to the social network your visitor came from, you will get better conversions already
  • Most Engaged: e.g. retarget visitors who have spent at least 2 minutes on your site or have viewed more than 2 pages of your website
  • Highly engaged: profit with visitors who spend over 3 minutes on your website or view more than 3 pages on your site
  • Mobile visitors: laser target those who visit on a mobile device, take in account that they might have different needs and serve them retargeting ads when they’re on a desktop device, as people on desktops convert better
  • Direct traffic only: Create an audience of visitors who came to your site directly, without a referrer such as the search engines – people actively looking for your products and services
  • Scrolled content percentage: or target those who has scrolled through at least 25% of your website’s home page

And there are other strategies that you can combine to increase the profitability of your retargeting campaigns even more …

You can easily get more leads traffic from Google, Bing, etc. directly to your business with the Lead Capture System, or from social media with the Lead Generation Publishing Service, plus with advanced retargeting techniques, you can increase engagement and boost conversions.

This is one of the big advantages you get over your competitors, not only will you attract far more leads to your business for far less money, you will also convert many more, enjoying higher margins and ROI.

Simply turn more website ‘window shoppers' into buyers with a cutting-edge strategy to convert former site visitors into long term, loyal customers.