Gates Foundation Adds Investments In Vaccine For Coronavirus | COVID-19

In a recent interview, Bill Gates admitted to essentially betting on many sides of a “winner-take-all” vaccines strategy, in an effort to ensure an easier ramp-up of production in case one of them does mature into the immunization for COVID-19.

This requires investing billions in clearing the early hurdles of entry for a potential global pharmaceutical giant. Whether this is a valid use of capital, Bill Gates had one response: 

“It’s worth it.”

In the context of the world economy losing trillions over this pandemic, on a personal level investing billions is worth it to Gates, as stated in his interview with Trevor Noah. There’s also the potential upside to Gates that if one of his companies eventually does produce the cure to COVID-19, it would be quite a valuable patent, to say the least. 

Previously in February, the Gates Foundation had announced an investment of $100 million in COVID-19 research, so this admission from Mr. Gates himself represents a stark increase over the past month and a half. 

Ultimately, as COVID-19 continues to evolve, creating new strains of the virus and crossing species lines, it’s a possibility that there may need to be multiple vaccines procured. 

3 Key Points:

  1. The Gates Foundation has stepped up its funding of COVID-19 vaccine research. The Coronavirus-cure conversation has gone from millions to billions. 

      2. Social distancing is more vital than ever given the lack of a vaccine for the Coronavirus. 

      3. Gates sees more upside in finding the vaccine to COVID-19 than the downside of unused factory spaces

Bill Gates is a man with a coronavirus plan: Simultaneously fund the development of seven different coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines to discover a fix as quickly as possible — even if it wastes billions of dollars.” – David Canellis,

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