Executives from Microsoft claim this is a real possibility.

Microsoft’s chief technology officer Kevin Scott explains the benefits of investing in AI in healthcare is as necessary as America used for the moon landing.

Scott’s new book states AI could identify underlying conditions and not only treat but prevent future pandemics.

Microsoft and Seattle’s Adaptive Biotechnologies have been using AI to map the immune system. This gives us insight into the body’s reactions to diseases.

The extreme effect the coronavirus has had on people’s jobs is forcing our government to rethink the elements of healthcare. 

Scott believes that AI has the potential to be used as well as abused. These concerns show the necessity for more in-depth discussions of its application.

Key Points

  1. AI has been used to model the behavior of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is a cause of COVID 19.

      2. Adaptive Biotechnologies explains how a clinical trial for COVID 19 test would be in effect much faster if detailed information of the body’s reactions were available.

      3. San Francisco has already used “smart-rings” and smartwatch applications to detect heart-rate data, body temperatures, and other early COVID 19 symptoms.

And so, one of the challenges with providing good health care is detecting when someone is sick as early as humanly possible. So, the earlier you know that someone is sick … the higher the probability that they’re going to make a better recovery and get back to good health and productivity quickly.” – Kevin Scott, Chief Technology Officer Microsoft

Source: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/microsoft-exec-says-coronavirus-could-spark-big-shift-for-ai-in-health-care/

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