AI Benefits Sales Professionals In Different Ways 

The productivity of AI increases because of AI’s ability to interpret data, which helps automate workflows. AI methods help salespeople collect data to better get to know their customers. This gives those salespeople an advantage over salespeople that don’t use AI.

Sales positions will maybe never become fully automatized, so AI won’t probably be “taking over” in that sense. It will be used more-so as an aid to help drive sales. It is said that sales reps perform much better than AI because they have feedback readily available, but they are twice as likely to perform highly with the help of AI.

Some AI programs already communicate with customers to help streamline the sales process, but a majority of customers currently still prefers to talk to a human. 

3 Key Points

  1.  64% of the world’s consumers expect brands they shop to communicate with them in real-time.
  2. 75% of all sales leads don’t end up going anywhere, so having AI in place to weed out the leads is a valuable time and money saver for companies.
  3. Product recommendations can account for 35% of Amazon purchases, which is all done with AI.

“AI can compare the obtained insights with your biggest accounts and report to your sales team when there’s a high level of compatibility between these accounts and promising new prospects. Moreover, the algorithm that AI uses is automatically updated when you acquire new customers or when your existing accounts grow, leaving less and less room for errors.” – Daniel Bishop, Assistant Editor, and Marketing Consultant at ReallySimpleSystems.

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