Target audiences have common qualities in behavior and demographics.

A profile based around these two criteria create ways to market to consumers. There are many types of target audiences like purchase intent, interests, and subcultures.

To find a target audience for your brand involves five steps:

  • First perform research on marketing data with tools like Google Analytics.
  • Second, develop and initial profile that is used to target blog content.
  • Third, analyze social media performance using analytic tools like Facebook Insights.
  • Fourth review performance of website based around target audience.
  • Finally, engage with target audience on social media avenues.

Lead Generation3 Key Points from the article:

  1. Age, gender and location all factor into why business are interested in you
  2. Marketing campaigns are quite complex and require strategic planning to be considered successful based on metrics
  3. Google has a powerful analytical platform that can drive comprehensive knowledge of your incoming data

“Buyer personas are a representative overview of a business's ideal customer, drawn from data that makes up a target audience,” says Kayla Carmicheal, a staff writer for HubSpot.

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