Content and SEO trends change all of the time in the digital world.

What worked fine last year may not do so well this year.

Focusing on keywords is a great way to optimize content but make sure it is natural sounding. A lot of people are speaking to their voice assistants to Google things and no longer looking things up with a couple of key words put together that wouldn't make sense otherwise. Pretend as if you're speaking and use keywords that actually fit together well in an effort to optimize content.

Lead Generation 3 Key Points:

  1. The rapid increase in the use of voice search requires that marketers optimize their content to take advantage of the increasing use of this technology.
  2. Image content should be unique, named and tagged with relevant keywords, and have file sizes small enough to load quickly.
  3. Interactive content is a good way to stand out from the competition and can be anything that requires action from the user.

Quote: “Technology pushes content marketing to change year after year. What was relevant for most of 2019 may only be a footnote in 2020.”

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