Creating a successful lead generation funnel is a series of ever-narrowing steps that seek to capture a wide audience and then carefully narrow the list down to a committed target audience that will help a business profit and grow.

The funnel is an apt metaphor for this activity. There are six steps in the process:

  • The first is raising awareness that is careful not to turn people away or qualify.
  • Next is to identify prospective customers with data gathering.
  • After that is direct engagement with leads based on a multi-channel communication strategy.
  • Fourth is analysis of the lead generation called scoring.
  • Fifth is tailoring marketing to the qualified leads.
  • Finally, sixth is to develop successful customer experiences into advocates.

Funnel 3 Key Points:

  1. Start with awareness. Building the biggest base of potential customers requires little or no qualification initially.
  2. In today's marketing world companies should use data to analyze customer data and create several qualification metrics.
  3. A key component of the lead generation funnel is to create great customer advocates, which means providing excellent service to customers that want to generate leads for you.

“When you start understanding the lead generation ecosystem, you’ll be able to keep your funnel flowing with acceleration activities like nurture campaigns that are intended to enhance the customer experience as well as mutual relationships and turn those leads into paying clients.” says Marcus Svensson, responsible for the Growth of Albacross

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