LinkedIn has a large based of users close to 500 million.

Thought leadership on LinkedIn can be greatly beneficial for your visibility, network, and job prospects.

There are several ways to build your profile and become a thought leader:

  • First one should optimize their profile to gain an audience.
  • Second to increase profile one should flex their network to increase endorsements and recommendations.
  • Third is to connect with industry experts and other leaders.
  • Fourth is to develop a presence by posting in threads.
  • Fifth is to create content by publishing achievements on activities.
  • Sixth is to publish long-form posts.
  • Seventh is to branch out in different media types.
  • Eight is to perform cross-promotional activities with other thought leaders.
  • Nine is to connect other online presences.

linkedin 33 Key Points:

  • It's not enough to create a LinkedIn profile, you must refine and optimize it.
  • Interact with others in your industry by connecting with experts and commenting in threads.
  • Publish longer-form insights and experiment with LinkedIn's new Live Video feature.

“When it comes to positioning yourself as a thought leader, the key is to highlight your expertise and engage with people in your industry. So, regardless of which industry you're in, be sure to regularly post content or share insights that are valuable or helpful to your following,” says Pamela Bump, an Audience Growth Marketing Manager and Staff Writer for #HubSpot.

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