Microsoft's LinkedIn has released a report of 2020 jobs that are emerging in the Indian workplace.

Among the list are the typical positions like robotics and program developer, but also new positions like Block chain Developer and Artificial Intelligence Specialist.

These positions take advantage of cutting edge technology that is transforming the tech industry and by extension all industries. A senior member of LinkedIn indicates this is sign of the rapidly changing nature of the Indian economy and workforce. The list shows the transformation from purely technical jobs leading the report to those with more nuanced skills.

AI bot-icon3 Key Points:

  1. There are many jobs that are emerging in India such as a Artificial Intelligence Specialist.
  2. In India, jobs with soft skills are becoming much more in demand and are needed because of an increase in technological services.
  3. Other emerging jobs in India include Python Developer, Cybersecurity specialists, lead generation specialists and even front-end engineers.

“From LinkedIn’s list, it is evident that jobs demanding soft skills are becoming more relevant and in-demand along with technical jobs.”

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