Great efforts are necessary these days, to protect healthcare workers as well as patients.

Apple has utilized each of the company’s departments to develop, produce, pack, and ship new face shields.

These efforts are added to the already donated 20 million N95 protective masks.

Apple plans on sending the first million face shields to the areas most in need and will continue to ship a million a week after that to facilities in need.

One million masks have already been delivered to Silicon Valley for clinical trials, which received positive feedback.

This has been a major global pandemic, and Apple has been working with numerous governments on every level to ensure those in need are receiving protective gear.

Key Points

  1. Apple's face shields can be assembled in under 2 minutes and shipped in boxes of 100.

      2. Automotive companies such as GM, Ford, and Fiat are stepping up to help use their resources to create and share blueprints for medical equipment needed.

      3. Under Armour has begun developing fabric face masks as well as fanny packs for medical workers also.

Apple is dedicated to supporting the worldwide response to COVID-19. We’ve now sourced over 20M masks through our supply chain. Our design, engineering, operations and packaging teams are also working with suppliers to design, produce and ship face shields for medical workers.” CEO of Apple Tim Cook

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