In 2020 stay up-to-date with the latest content trends.

User-generated content and videos, like YouTube, will continue to shine. Voice content keeps rising in popularity.

Meanwhile business to consumer and business to business content is holding steady as well.

Messaging Apps, like Snapchat, are not going away any time soon either. Augmented reality, virtual content over real things, like Snapchat's filters, are climbing in popularity.

TrendsQuality content versus quantity content is still preferred by most.

Finally, customer journey content is on the rise too.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Key trends of 2020 in online marketing include increase of user-generated content, voice-activated applications, and video over written content.
  2. New areas of development include augmented reality, consumer journey mapping, and use of messaging.
  3. Relationships between business and consumers will continue to evolve beyond formal arrangement today. Content will be purposeful and targeted.

“User-generated content not only engages consumers but also allows you to create more content with less resources and time by tapping into your community for ideas and pieces.”