While you may just be starting out, you're probably wondering why a one page website would be such a bad idea.

If you can fit all of your information into one page why not?

Well, there are several reasons why this is not a good idea.

  • You are limited to only so much information that you can share.
  • You make it difficult to explore and really get to know what it is you're in the business of.

It can also make the web page move really slowly, this is because everything is right there on that one page.




Key Takeaways:

  • If you have a one page website, you can not diversify or use a family of taglines; you can only use one.
  • A one page website with a lot of content, it may take awhile to load, and people will give up on it.
  • Content will be stifled on an one page website; hard to expand when there is no room for it.

“Instead of the site being split into multiple pages with a menu taking users to a distinct website sections and URLs, single-page websites have all their content on one page with sections”

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