Sales is an important part of any business, especially in times when the economy is slowing down.

A recent study has shown that email can still be a valuable tool in business to business sales, in times when we need to increase online marketing activities.

As the Coronavirus stops us from exhibiting at trade shows or attending conferences and conventions, we can use digital marketing strategies to keep our businesses going.

The return on investment for emailing contacts in order to make B2B sales is high, especially considering how easy and convenient emails are.

Email is an effective tool, particularly useful to nurture leads when COVID-19 restrictions keep you from meeting up with potential clients.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Human beings show a positive predisposition towards certain key words and phrases.
  • Such psychologically charged words and phrases can be used strategically in email campaigns to put prospective leads into a receptive frame of mind.
  • For example, combining the positive emotions that generally accompany a festive event like Valentine's Day with a campaign that includes a Valentine's Day specific offer could be a big win.

“Email produces B2B leads with the highest ROI, according to a Chief Marketer study. In addition, email is the most valuable tool for lead nurturing.” Chief!Marketer

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