Software company increases revenue by 178%

Software company Opsview offers two variants of its IT product – a free community version and a subscription-based enterprise version.

It implemented marketing automation software to handle leads coming into the website and identify those who would always use the free version versus those who might be interested in the enterprise product.

These leads then received customised messages depending on where they were in the purchase funnel.

According to Opsview one of the most important outcomes was that the automation software complemented Google Analytics and the CRM to provide an “end-to-end view” of the sales and marketing funnel.

As a result of implementing marketing automation:

Opportunities in the CRM increased 95% quarter-over-quarter.
Pre-qualified leads increased 30% on the previous quarter.
Volume of leads pursued by sales increased by 55% on the previous quarter.
Bookings in the form of revenue increased 178%.