A “thank you” page should not be the end of your time with the customer.

It should start the next interaction. There are multiple ways to create engaging thank you pages. The first strategy would be to invite them to speak with someone right away. The next tip is to make the visitor aware of what happens next after they submit or order something. Tip number 3 is to use the page to show off and strengthen the brand's personality in the visitor's mind. The next strategy is to ask for something. After making an action (again, like submitting a form or making a purchase), people will be more likely to take a step further. The final tip is to keep them engaged with the website by leading them to another part of the site.

Key Takeaways:

  • A thank you page can be used to show the next steps you will take or that the visitor can take themselves.
  • A thank you page can connect a visitor to additional resources from your brand
  • A thank you page should not the end of an interaction, but an opportunity for further relationship-building with the visitor.

“For today’s marketers, the problem with habitual politeness is that the delivery of a thank you message should never be a reflex.”

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