Albacross has created a great set of tools for finding leads, getting responses, and automating the entire process more efficiently.

Albacross first uses a tool that monitors who visits the website, whether they be new customers or old clients. You can create a list of clients and see which ones are visiting the site most regularly.

Next, Albacross will store user data and information in a database, including domain names, so that they can leverage that data to automate the marketing process.

Calendly is a tool that is then used in order to schedule demos with leads and avoid scheduling conflicts. After the initial setup, templates are used to automate the emailing process and target the right clients.

The last step is to send the contact data to the outreach campaign, then the process is ready to be automated.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Albacross can't access the customer database but they can use intercom to help, get that data as well as provide support and automation.
  2. You can set up an outreach campaign, using the Albacross software by creating a template and sending the data to the campaign.
  3. Albacross allows you to see specific leads in their software and it also allows you to track the activity level of each lead.

“First of all, Albacross tracks all the inbound traffic, whether it’s first-timers or your customers who visit the website regularly.”

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