The Coronavirus is hitting us hard: too many people are dying and the economy is grinding to almost a halt. What can you do until we get the ‘go' again and things start to look better?

Syed Balkhi, CEO at OptinMonster says: “Organic growth is the best way to build your business because it gives you a chance to learn more about your target audience, build rapport by sharing valuable content and turn visitors into lifelong customers.”

“The key to reaching your target audience is understanding the problems they are facing and creating content that is designed to resolve their pain points”, he says.

I guess there are a couple of pain points right now and you need to focus on the ones where you can help your potential clients the most. Whether it is running the business successfully from home offices or just keeping the company going through these tough times or anything else.

Simply check LinkedIn groups for B2B (Facebook groups for B2C) and trending Twitter hashtags to see what kind of issues people are facing, and use that as a reference for your future content and the offers you are making.

There are a number of things, you can do to help grow your social media presence efficiently, free.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learning your customer's pain points can have a significant impact on your social traffic.
  • Diversify your content and use interactive events to encourage engagement and sharing.
  • Diversify your content so that you can reach an audience of all different types of people.
  • Encourage your visitors and followers to interact with your content and share it with their colleagues.
  • Build a reputation on social media by having people tag you in positive reviews and retweeting them for your followers to see.
  • 80% of global internet users have at least one social media account.

“If you want to see steady and reliable growth, make sure you build organic traffic over paid advertisements,” says Syed Balkhi.

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