Brennan Dunn is the co-owner and founder of Rightmessage. His company specializes in content marketing and the segmentation and personalization of your content with them.

  • He believes that personalization is more than just saying “Hello John” in the emails to that customer.
  • He thinks that the email list should be sorted into smaller email lists that will have something in common with everyone else on that list.

The list should be segmented into smaller lists where you are trying to sell everyone on this list the same product.

It is called vertical segmentation.

The horizontal segmentation list is a list of who the people are and what they are wanting to buy. Personalizing your emails to them will lead them to a sales page and a personalized pitch which can then lead to new sales conversion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Through segmentation and personalization of an online platform, stronger and more trustworthy connections can be made with the customers.
  • Personalization is more than just making sure people receive emails with their name at the top.
  • Customers who are already on your mailing list should never be hit with a popup asking for their email when following a link from one of your emails, and segmentation can take care of this.

“It should just be an incremental kind of stair-step approach to basically saying, how can I make the experience that people have with me, a lot better than it is right now?”

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