Digital and traditional marketers these days often focus on their sales pathway in the form of a funnel, with the top involving acquisition and the bottom of the funnel revolving around conversion. Whereas most tend to focus on the bottom of the funnel as producing the most profit and value for a business, they often overlook the impact that the top of the funnel can have, in that customers at the top may be more often willing to share and raise awareness about the brand even prior to purchasing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although AdWords converts better than almost any other option, the cost per lead skews higher than most.
  • A second consideration is that AdWords does not scale as well as other formats, and so eventually a wall of diminishing returns is hit.
  • A Salesforce B2B Benchmark report noted that it takes almost three months for a lead to get warm, that is to generate interest and opportunity, never mind a sales commitment.

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]”It’s the ‘last touch’ so often that it becomes “easy to track ROI.” So like any self-fulfilling prophecy, the more attention it gets, the more “it works.” The more budget and labor and buy-in.”[/social_quote]

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Image: Kissmetrics