Gartner says: “CIOs should implement short-term strategies to minimize business disruptions resulting from the implementation of travel restrictions and quarantine measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.”

What are possible short-term strategies?

The Coronavirus | COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to be even more disruptive than a natural disaster or cyber intrusion.

Gartner recommends short-term actions that chief information officers (CIOs) can take to ensure business continuity.

CIOs should review all security measures and ensure secure access to all data and applications.



For organizations with no remote working capabilities, CIOs should provide interim solutions by determining use case requirements such as file sharing, meeting solutions and instant messaging.

CIOs should leverage digital channels such as live streaming and video conferencing to maintain communication with business partners and customers.

To compensate for the loss of demand, CIOs should adapt their products for online selling and integrate commerce capabilities into their official web pages or accounts.

CIOs should set up a hotline, an app or a site where the organization can offer accurate and actionable information for employees.


  1. CIOs should implement interim strategies to minimize the impact of the coronavirus crisis on their operation and ensure business continuity.
  2. CIOs should leverage digital tools to engage with business partners, clients and customers to make up for the loss of demand for their products or services.
  3. Organizations should provide remote working options for their employees and set up a dedicated communication channel to keep them updated.

“When traditional channels and operations are impacted by the outbreak, the value of digital channels, products and operations, becomes immediately obvious. This is a wake-up call to organizations that focus on daily operational needs at the expense of investing in digital business and long-term resilience,” says Gartner research director Sandy Shen.

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