Facebook Watch will mean something for marketers. It was only a matter of time before Facebook joined all of the other popular services that offer streaming. Facebook Watch was launched this year. It has been monetized through ad breaks. Facebook will keep 45 percent of the revenue that the ads generate and the producers will keep 55 percent of the revenue. One thing that makes Facebook Watch different is the fact that all of the content will be original.

What makes Facebook Watch different from other streaming services?

The streaming video space is undeniably crowded, so Facebook had to find a way to make Facebook Watch stand out. There are three main ways Facebook Watch is different, all of which bode well for its staying power.

  1. Original video content, which can be viewed through a new tab called “Watch,” is exclusive to Facebook Watch and can’t be seen anywhere else (with the exception of the live content available through deals like the one with Major League Baseball).
  2. Because it’s monetized through ad breaks, Facebook Watch is totally free for the viewing audience. All they have to do is be logged in to their Facebook account.
  3. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Facebook Watch is hyper-personalized in a way no streaming platform has been before.

What Facebook Watch means for marketers

Facebook has 1.32 billion users who check in on a daily basis. For anyone who’s wondering, their monthly active users just hit 2 billion. Here are four ways Facebook Watch will change the game for marketers.

  • 1. Ad break ads will likely become more important for Facebook advertisers
  • 2. Facebook Watch gives influencers and social creators a powerful new channel
  • 3. Facebook Live may become even more important for brands.
  • 4. Ultimately, Facebook Watch changes the game for video content marketers

Facebook Watch: An Exciting Moment for Marketers

So far, everything about Facebook Watch looks good for marketers. The people on the paid team will enjoy seeing more eyeballs on their ads, and the organic folks will get more “authentic” opportunities to align themselves with influencers. More and more, brands are trying to be seen as friends, not corporations. Facebook Watch will let them do just that.

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