A/B testing is a very powerful marketing technique as it sends out test versions to audience members and lets them give feedback as to which version performs better.

Machine learning is another technique and it allows us to analyze large sets of data.

It allows for a much quicker, much more accurate way of analyzing #data.

#MachineLearning can make A/B testing much more efficient because it allows the #A/BTesting to be done via #automation.

Advanced technology has continued to help the machine learning data be easier accessed and easily used for #Marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • A/B testing is a technique that can let you know what your customers enjoy the most. You can test this using Twitter and send out multiple tweets and see which gets the most likes.
  • Machine learning is a technique that helps you analyze large sets of data. It also helps you learn more about your #TargetAudience.
  • Automating A/B testing allows for machine learning to analyze those results more accurately and use them to help generate leads and convert those leads to paid customers.

“Even though the test is a timeless marketing technique, it can be a little frustrating because of the uncertainty of it all,” says Kayla Carmicheal, a #writer for #HubSpot.

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