Testing visual aids to illustrate your strategy is often a far better way of helping employees understand and remember it than simply emailing out a dense packet of text or giving a lengthy oral presentation.

A good visual aid starts with the end goal in mind, and the. Presents a visual roadmap for how to get there. It’s also important to make sure the visual aid gets as much exposure as possible, and that individual team members can use it to help visualize their own individual or team goals and how they relate to the wider roadmap. This can be a great way to keep team members focused and force them to thing strategically.

Key Takeaways:

  • [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]When it comes to developing a profitable strategy for your company, the answer is not always going to be direct and singular.[/social_quote]
  • Nadya Khoja spoke upon how it is irrational to expect your team to memorize or visualize an email by heart.
  • Nadya also suggests printing and displaying your strategies around the office so your team is reminded frequently.

“The high-level growth goals for the hypothetical StartUp Masters – which has a mission of providing startups with an affordable means of managing projects in order to achieve rapid growth – are clearly shown. The goals are broken down to depict success in year 10, five, three, and one.”

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