Brian Finnerty, a VP at Demandbase, says the biggest challenge B2B marketers have to deal with is diminishing returns from traditional demand gen.

A solution is to target your best-fit accounts. Technology can help.

Use it for real-time alerts to the sales team when a customer revisits your website (most customers require multiple visits before buying).

Marketing must be in alignment with sales.

The teams need to be on the same page, with marketing creating content that engages accounts that are showing clear buying signals.

Key Takeaways:

  • B2B marketers are saying that traditional demand-gen efforts have diminished efforts. It’s getting harder to create enough pipeline to support the sales team.
  • Pushing real-time alerts for your sales team when that account becomes active again helps interact with key contacts on that account when interest in your solution starts to peak.
  • The marketing pros understand that adding volume or directional energy is not enough to put your content initiatives on a positive return.

“The most promising players in the tech space understand that simply adding volume or velocity is no longer enough to put your content initiatives on a sustainable path to marketing success and business growth. Marketing technology should direct your efforts toward the accounts that are in-market, showing clear buying signals for your solution,” says Brian Finnerty, vice president of growth marketing at Demandbase.

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