If you are a small business, here are some marketing trends you should be adopting in 2020.

First, create #shoppable posts so that you can limit the number of clicks needed to make a sale.

#InteractiveContent is important because it allows for a more engaging experience for the customers.

If you are a small business (#SMB), invest in a #chatbot as they will allow you to offer customer service 24 hours a day because they're automated.

Finally, reach out to #influencers for a quick boost in terms of #BrandRecognition and #Awareness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Produce interactive content so that the people that view your content can engage with it and that will give them a more memorable experience.
  • Find a way to personalize your content and your emails as a way to come across as a person rather than a business.
  • Use chat bots so that you can get customer service to clients 24 hours a day. These chat bots can be of great help and can solve simple issues for customers.

“The pressure to evolve grows stronger every year as markets become more fragmented because of the proliferation of new smart devices and digital platforms,” says Ilija Acimovic, a researcher and a writer that holds a degree in global economics, statistics and business management.

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