You can have the best content around but it's pretty useless if nobody is going to see it!

Sorry, you just have to be able to reach viewers to make producing that content worth your while and to reach enough readers to actually see any sales from your content.

Content Marketing SystemSome marketers create new pieces of content on a daily basis, but they don't have a real plan where that content is going to go and what the content should be doing for them.

(Big mistake, they are leaving lots of clients to their competitors.)

Your content distribution plan should come first, even before you figure out what to write.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. In order to get the full usage out of your content, your audience has to know that it exists.
  2. Content distribution is described as being the entire process that goes with the sharing, publishing, and promoting your company or organization.
  3. Content is a large part of boosting brand awareness in the content marketing game.

“Content distribution is an integral part — if not the most important part — of your content strategy,” says Allie Decker a Content Creator at HubSpot.

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Creating content on a daily basis can be quite time consuming and you need to have a strategy in place how your content will generate leads and new clients.

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