New research has determined that companies that optimize their content across all channels addressing customer expectations, receive much better results than those who don’t.

See this survey of 369 businesses on their strategy and results:

Respondents were divided into two groups: One made up of businesses that optimized their content and those who didn’t.

The results showed that those who optimized their content had a 48% greater annual improvement than those who didn’t.

One of the best ways to optimize and to earn client loyalty is to make it easy to do business and to personalize the content.

Optimizing content across the customer’s life cycle should also become a priority for those hoping to achieve the best results.

3 Key Points from the article:

  1. In a recent study, the majority of businesses said their focus is on customer experience.
  2. Despite this focus, many businesses failed to deliver an ideal customer experience.
  3. Consumer experience needs to include personalized and relevant content from start to finish.

“The findings revealed that managing customer experiences is a key strategic business objective for 86% of B2B firms.” says Omer Minkara, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Aberdeen

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