Learning to follow a lead starts with knowing exactly what a sales lead is.

It is defined as any person or business that has shown interest in your business. These people or business may seek you out or vise versa, but it is up to you to follow the lead and speak to whomever is in charge of decision making within that business.

Not only do you need to know who they are and what their interest in your business pertains to, it is crucial to obtain a means of re-contacting with this person. A phone number or an email adress would suffice for re-contact.

Key Takeaways:

  • People and business entities that regularly make use of goods and services you offer can become contacts and valuable sales leads.
  • In order to take a lead and make them a client you will need their contact info, including their phone, email and corporate name, if applicable.
  • Another necessary component is assessing the lead's level of interest, which could involve use of a proprietary, or outsourced algorithm to rank the prospect.

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]”While tactics and techniques to collect leads are important, it is also vital to reflect on the basics and be reminded of what exactly a sales lead means.”[/social_quote]

Read more: https://www.leadboxer.com/resources/definition-sales-lead/