Instagram can be a tremendously valuable lead generation tool, and it's worth the time and effort to learn about Instagram's particular foibles and idiosyncrasies so you can integrate it into your outreach strategy.

Instagram is less link-friendly than other sites, and it is especially important that your link (you can only have one) in your bio is a call to action that will draw people to your main website with specific goals in mind — it helps if you create an Instagram-specific landing page. Most importantly, perhaps, it is critical that your Instagram content be high quality and visually distinctive.

Finally, [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]in Instagram, it is important to actively engage audiences with clear and effective calls to action and savvy use of tags and groups.[/social_quote]

Key Points:

1. Optimize your Instagram bio for lead generation
2. Create an Instagram-specific landing page
3. Create and share great content
4. Engage and promote

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure you continuously optimize parts of your profile such as your bio, link, and even your profile image.
  • When relevant content is located within an Instagram bio, it allows you to generate highly targeted traffic.
  • Creating an Instagram landing page is a great way to closely monitor your traffic on this specific social media platform.
  • One of the best strategies to drive followers to your account is simply to build real relationships with influencers and communities.

“Instagram presents a huge problem for brands. It doesn’t let you add clickable links in post descriptions or comments the way other social networks do. You’re only allowed one link from the bio on your profile page.”

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