There are some Smackdown content marketing secrets that people can learn from the WWE. Every day the WWE puts out a really good article. WWE content marketing has earned a lot of respect. One of the things that sets the WWE apart from the rest is all of their clever techniques like the placement of their social share button.

Another thing that sets them apart is their great stories and their female wrestlers. They also have an emotional attachment to their fans.

I discovered that WWE is the legit boss of the sports entertainment content marketing arena, no matter who is in the ring. has:

  • More average and median shares than the NFL, MLB, UFC, and other sports leagues
  • More pins on Pinterest than the NFL
  • More average shares than sports broadcast network
  • More average shares than content about Game of Thrones

As famed wrestler (and Hefty trash bag spokesman) John Cena might say, WWE content marketing has earned respect.


Key differentiators WWE uses to encourage phenomenal audience engagement include:

  • Social share button placement
  • Masterful storytelling
  • Female characters
  • Importance of images
  • Emotional attachment with fans
  • Less-is-more content strategy
  • Content length that works best for WWE
  • Headline words and phrases that drive shares for WWE

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