Consumers are no big fans of digital advertising.

In fact, many people use ad blockers when viewing content on social media sites, like YouTube.

The ads most people dislike the most are those that load and play automatically when someone browses to a website.

However, a recent survey revealed that users are more accepting of video ads if they are geared to their interests.

In other words, people don't like being forced into watching content for which they have no interest.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consumers dislike ads on ‘auto-play', especially those with audio and video.
  • Marketers should listen to their audience, and provide advertising and content in a format that is appealing.
  • Marketing mastery comes from a combination of the appropriate network, platform, and strategy.

“The results show that a staggering two-thirds of U.S. consumers thought auto-play video ads with sound were the most annoying.”

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