Generating content that has the ability to generate prosperous leads involves quite a bit of work if you want to approach it from the most successful standpoint. You're going to want to map out exactly what the potential investors are looking for when it comes to the specific subject you're creating content on. Creating a flow chart is a great way to establish what the readers of a specific niche want to see, and how to use it to generate profit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Secondary intents are often just as important as primary intents when marketing through multiple listing services.
  • It is Google's responsibility to provide searchers with pages that meet a wide array of intents.
  • Mapping out topics with primary and secondary intents can help you determine what your consumers are looking for.

“Algorithms use math and math (in this context) and rely on probability. [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]When Google is determining which results to rank highest, they are looking to maximize the probability that the searcher will leave satisfied. When many indexed sites meet a primary intent, the algorithm needs to look at secondary intents to see what other information the searcher may be looking for.”[/social_quote]

Image: SearchEngineLand

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