McAfee – Lead to opportunity conversion rate increased four-fold

McAfee — the multi-billion computer security company responsible for some of the world’s most popular virus scan and removal tools. It’s hard to imagine that such huge corporations have the same marketing & sales problems we experience, but they do.

Nonetheless, they became intrigued by the concept of a cloud-based platform, realizing it would provide easier and more secure data storage.

The problem: McAfee was having little trouble generating leads, in fact, McAfee already had a huge number of leads. Nevertheless, McAfee began using marketing automation software as although its marketing efforts brought in a huge number of leads at the top of the funnel, the sales team was concerned that the leads weren’t of a good enough quality since conversion rates were worryingly low.

The solution: McAfee turned to Oracle Marketing Cloud (now known as Eloqua) to help align their marketing and sales departments and reach the common goal of more customers.

Therefore instead of just handing over every lead off to sales, marketing began to segmenting leads into personalized follow up campaigns. They tracked the progress of the nurtured prospects with lead scoring, and only forwarded the most conversion-ready leads to sales.

McAfee Marketing Automation Case Study

Marketing automation allowed McAfee to implement a lead scoring system and create a a segmented nurturing programme that gave prospects the right information at the right time in the buying process.

This greatly improved the quality of the leads that were passed onto the sales team.


The results: Initially, the automated lead management was limited only to the North America department but as time went on, McAfee eventually rolled out the strategy changes worldwide. As a result of its new automated marketing system:

  • The number of leads reduced by 35% but overall quality improved.
  • Lead to opportunity conversion rate increased four-fold.
  • Alignment between sales and marketing greatly improved.

McAfee Tutorial & Review – Antivirus Software 2017

“Improved intelligence not only focuses marketing effort but also protects relationships. Unqualified marketing leads waste resources and can damage prospect opportunities.

To help McAfee create high-quality sales leads, we were asked to create a personalised user experience portal. This allowed prospects to self-select specific pillars of security appropriate to their needs and access tailored content at their own pace.

By building in data capture with tracking and scoring, we helped McAfee to assess the scope of customer requirements and generate more meaningful dialogue with decision makers.

Eloqua Marketing Automation Software


We produced a communications suite comprising more than 60 email variations. Specific messages were automatically triggered to correspond with the customer journey. A full website design and build was optimised for integration with the Eloqua marketing automation platform to nurture leads and accelerate sales.


A successful best practice story, this sales campaign has been presented, and received awards, at several B2B and technology marketing events.” The Rubicon Agency

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