Goal: Lead Generation 
Project: …………………..

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Exec Summary

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  1. Lead Generation: Geo-targeted Microsites and Video Listings
  2. Performance Tracking
  3. Performance Reporting
  • A-M-I: Advanced Marketing on the Internet Ltd (Service Provider)
  • CF: 3rd party software for marketing funnels
  • Q: Segmentation Questionnaire
  • MA: Marketing Automation
What is Lead Generation With Google?
What is Lead Generation with Microsites?
What is Lead Generation with Video Listings?
Goals | Outcomes | Objectives | Metrics

What’s the goal for the project?

  • Generating leads via the Internet, increasing lead flow
  • Closing key accounts
  • Extending reach of brand
  • Short-term
  • Long-term

What’s the value of the project?

  • What will the results mean to the organization?
  • What if this project fails, what will happen?


  • the objectives of the project,
  • the ideal outcome,
  • the results necessary, and
  • why the client is seeking to do this work.




Quantify the metrics around which the client will measure the success of the project when we are done.

  • Leads generated

Who is the target market for this project?

“Pick a channel and nail this one first.”

  • Where are your target clients?
    • Google: this is the platform where most people start their research. Find your prospects early in their buyer's journey, attract their attention. Create trust with instant contact, personification, video. If the features and benefits – investment and quality of your product or service are not much apart from your competitor's and you don't make major mistakes in your communication, you have a good chance to sign those prospects.
    • LinkedIn is the only major social media platform for which usage rates are higher among 30- to 49-year-olds than among 18- to 29-year-olds. (Pew Research Center, 2015) (Source:
    • LinkedIn has 450 million members, but only 25% actively visit the professional social network each month. (VentureBeat, 2016)
  • Facebook groups ???
    • Facebook continues to have the most engaged users — 70% log on daily, including 43% who do so several times a day. (Pew Research Center, 2015) (Source:
    • 73% of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes. (HubSpot, 2016)
  • Twitter
  • Where else?
    • LinkedIn groups
    • Xing (DACH only) ???
  • Who do your target clients follow online?
  • What is your target client’s mindset?
    • What fears do they have?
    • What are they currently looking for?
    • What desires?
    • Who can tell us?
    • Are there any surveys?
    • What would they engage with?
      • Have you tested content on the Internet
        • Free reports, white papers, etc.?
      • What keywords (or #hashtags) are they using?
        • On social media: what got the highest engagements?
        • In paid ads: what got the highest conversion rates?
  • Do the clients know about you?
  • How can clients learn about you?
    • Follow him (her)
    • IN send customized and highly relevant article directly (on IN) to target client
    • Reach out to them, make contact, use touch points
    • Connect to IN profile
    • Follow
    • Like most recent three images or articles
    • Offer something interesting to him | her on one of your pages
    • Point out to him | her
  • Target specific companies (and decision makers) directly
    Before you contact them:

    • Research your prospects,
    • Research their business,
    • Take advantage of social media,
    • Use articles they have published, or
    • Look for information about other companies they engage in business with
    • Offline via contacts
    • Online
      (If they are online at all, usually they are.)
    • Lead contact strategies:
      For LinkedIn contacts, see Facebook friends you have in common. Ask friends for a warm introduction.
Company Story, Purpose, Mission, USP, Only Factors, Exposure

The company’s, the product’s

  • Story
  • Purpose
  • Mission
  • USP
  • Only Factors
  • Exposure
      • Major news coverages, lately?
      • Where does the company publish?
        • How often?
      • Has the company set up their own social media groups?
Lead Generation Numbers
  • 53% of marketers say half or more of their budget is allocated to lead generation, while 34% say less than half of their budget is allocated to lead generation. (BrightTALK, 2015)
  • 65% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. (HubSpot, 2016)
  • By spending as little as six hours per week, 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media. (Social Media Examiner, 2015)
  • At least 61% of those investing a minimum of six hours per week in social media marketing saw improvements in search engine rankings. (Social Media Examiner, 2015)
  • Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. (Demand Gen Report, 2014)
  • 42% of B2B marketing professionals state that a lack of quality data is their biggest barrier to lead generation. (BrightTALK, 2015)
1. Lead Generation with Geo-Targeted Microsites

Video Microsites: http://take.ms/dem4u

Highly optimized Microsites will most probably rank faster on Google than single pages on a client website. Google usually ranks a site optimized for ONE search term in ONE region (city) faster than pages on a site with different search terms and locations.

Although no-one really knows how Google’s algorithm really works, the assumption is that different regions and different search terms sometimes offer Google conflicting information.

The microsite strategy uses professionally optimized sites, relevant for one search-term, in one region.

For each website, we test what the chances are to get ranked on Google for that term. Only after a successful test will we build a microsite for that search-term.

Microsites include:

  • Relevant regional, local search terms (long-tail keywords)
    • Keyword list made available by NSF
    • Keyword list checked for Google ranking feasibility and adjusted accordingly by A-M-I
      • Keywords will be checked for whether they might rank for regions or per cityhowever no-one knows for sure until microsites get ranked against the competition ‘live' on Google
    • Teaser text: link to main article ‘Custom Secure Mobile Messaging Solution’
    • Microsites link to NSF Website as well for prospects with a more general interest.
  • Video(s)
    • Video(s) made available by NSF
    • Videos checked for Youtube and Google ranking feasibility and adjusted accordingly by A-M-I
      • Playing time
    • Right video for the right stage in the customer journey
    • Videos might not get used initially for microsites. Microsites might start with Image and text and Google optimization.Videos might get ranked separately to cover more rankings on Google page one.
  • Local regions to be targeted:
    • Nordic: texts and videos in English
    • UK & Ireland: texts and videos in English
    • Benelux: texts and videos in English
    • DACH: texts in German, videos in English
  • Major cities to start with
    • Test if feasible and
    • Extend = roll-out to smaller cities
  • Deliverables:
    • Microsites for major cities
    • List of key cities to start (later to be extended):Discussed & agreed with NSF D & US
    • Microsite texts
    • Microsite images (supplied by client)
  • Search terms – keyword list
    • Initially delivered by NSF
    • Revised by A-M-I for rank likeness on Google
Lead Generation with Video Marketing

Videos are currently one of the most effective ways to attract attention and clicks on Google for specific search terms | keywords. Using video in your marketing can increase conversion rates up to 65% which is why we are seeing a rapid rise in video use for landing pages, case studies, product demos and social media.

General Concept for Lead Generation with Videos 

  • Rank videos on
    • YouTube and ideally Google
    • LinkedIn
    • Xing (for DACH?)
  • Link from videos to landing pages set up for European territories:
    • Nordic countries
    • UK and Ireland
    • Benelux
    • DACH


this is not an exact science there are an incredible amount of variables:

  • Different Quality Google accounts produce different results: do not use your own business youtube account for testing, you need to start from ‘zero for accurate tests. As an extreme example, say I used my 10 year old YouTube account that's PR6 and used that for testing (I don't) and found a whole bunch of great Page 1 listings. If I then used those same first page keywords and live streamed them to a brand new YouTube account, I wouldn't expect to get the same rankings in google, some of those terms may appear on page 1, but the difference in the strength of both accounts is considerable.
    As we know, your videos rank better in Google from stronger more authoritative YouTube Accounts. This is typical video marketing 101. Plus my account has tons of linking organised over time. Using different programs I've created plus IFTTT linking etc. Which means each video uploaded to my own YouTube Account gets links instantly its published from many places on the web.
    Aged YouTube Accounts.
    YouTube accounts are like websites in the Google Search Engines. There's no exact science to this, but in very general terms the longer an account has been around, the better results you'll get from it in Google search results. Plus older accounts acquire links from other sites generally speaking, which helps also.

  • Different volume of new content arriving in Google. Some niches are stable and if you get a high ranking it will most likely stay there, other niches have high volumes of fresh content arriving each day, so a high placement one day, doesn't mean it will be there long term as it may well get pushed down by fresher content.

  • Some niches in Google have no videos and we don't know why they never arrive there, thus great to test using LRS to find those we can see first page listings.
6. Performance TRACKING

You don't need to pay for something that does not work.

This is why we constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your keywords to maximize results. Not all keywords are created equal, so in some cases, the most popular terms and words will only get you so far.

We will develop longer keyword terms to keep you competitive. Once you start a lead generation campaign, it should be ever-evolving and adapt to changes in the search environment. We will make sure to stay on top of search result patterns.

If something isn’t working, it goes in the trash bin and we analyze why the keywords did not work out, giving you an idea of what is and is not effective.

  • Metrics: Click-through rate from microsites to
    • Article landing page and
    • Client website
7. Performance REPORTING

A-M-I will report on the success of the campaign to you

  • Deliverables:
    • Lead score criteria
    • ‘Hot’ leads to sales
    • Track: Tag. links, UTM param.,  URL Builder, Google analytics
Lead Generation
  • Goal: Client wants to increase the number of B2B leads from Google.
  • Service: A-M-I provides leads for client's search terms.
  • Deliverables:
    • The client provides an initial list of search-terms.
    • A-M-I test search-terms for ‘rankability’ on Google’s search results page (SERP) one.
      • if A-M-I believes it can rank the client for this specific term on Google’s page one, in the organic listings, it offers lead generation services for this term.
      • if A-M-I believes it cannot rank the client for this specific term on Google’s page one, in the organic listings, it does not offer lead generation services for this term.
    • A-M-I ranks the client for search-terms by using so called
      • geo-targeted microsites and | or
      • videos ranked in Google's organic listings
    • The client ideally provides videos. A-M-I can get the client videos from website or alternatively create short video clips for video listings ($65 per video clip).
    • A-M-I builds one microsite per search-term and | or one video listing per search-term on Google's SERP page one.
    • A-M-I tests the actual rankings: which search term ranks the highest on Google and generates the most leads.
    • The client states which search-terms create the best conversions and highest ROI.
    • A-M-I suggests how to expand the list of lead generating search terms.
  • Investment
    • Per Search Term
      • Less than half of what you would pay for that search term in Google AdWords (Keyword CPC Cost x Search Volume) x 45%, per month.
      • Examples:
        • Targeting Region or City, in this example, the region ‘United Kindom' was targeted.
        • Search-terms (keywords): ‘mobile message‘, ‘business mobile messaging'
        • CPCs: €0.69 , €10.99, €1.29
        • Search Volume range: 10 – 100 searches per month
          (we take half of the volume for this calculation)
        • Competition: in this calculation, we do not make a difference between ‘low, medium, and high' competition. If we can't rank you for a specific term on Google's page one, you don't pay anything. We will let you know for which terms we believe, we can rank you.
        • Calculations:
          • (€0.69 x 50) x 45% = €16 per month, for the search-term ‘mobile message
          • (€10.99 x 50) x 45% = €247 per month, for the search-term ‘business mobile messaging
          • (€1.29 x 500) x 45% = €290 per month, for the search-term ‘secure messaging

GA Messaging 2017-08-04


    • Client Account
      • Monthly contracts, no long-term contracts, cancel anytime.
      • You get leads from a specific search-term as long as you want.
      • Invest only in hugely profitable search-terms.
      • Ongoing tests of search-terms, advice on strategy to expand lead generation terms.
      • Account set-up fee: $2,500 once. One account for both, microsite and video listings.
      • The management fee for campaign set-up, monitoring, testing, and optimization: 12% of the budget for listings per month.
      • The client may choose whether to use both microsites and videos or one only. The effect on a Google search page is best when the client listings appear with microsites and videos. This gives the most trust and simply pushes competitors off Google's page one.
    • Monthly Fee for Building Microsites and|or Setting up Video Listings
      • For transparency purposes, you have seen above, that your investment would be consisting of two parts, a) a fee per each search-term targeted and an account management fee.
      • However, changing your investment every month according to which search-terms are targeted at the moment, might be too laborious and will probably not provide you with enough security to plan and schedule your investment. Therefore, once we have discussed and agreed on the strategy which search-terms to build your listings for, clients usually are more comfortable setting a monthly budget according to which we build and manage listings on Google. We then review the budget on a monthly or quarterly basis with the client.
  • How it works:
    • A-M-I starts building microsites and|or video listings for your search terms, linking the sites to the pages you want the leads to receive on.
    • A-M-I monitors the rankings of your search terms.
    • A-M-I optimizes the microsites and|or video listings for the specific terms to improve rankings further if need be (e.g. getting a search term from Google page two onto page one).
    • A-M-I keeps the leads coming from that term to your site as long as you want.
    • A-M-I discusses with the client and suggests which terms could be used as well, to expand the client's reach, increasing the number of high ROI leads.
    • The client simply lets A-M-I know and A-M-I cancels search terms or the client's account whenever the client feels it’s necessary.
  • How to get started:
    1. Send us at A-M-I an email to leads@a-m-i-ltd.com with your questions.
    2. We answer your questions and send you a link to the Lead Generation Contract.
    3. Send us your list of search-terms, you want to rank for.
    4. Reserve your spot so we can test your search-terms by paying a small fee with Paypal.
      You get the fee back if we can't find any search-terms that we can list you for successfully, on Google page one.
      When we agree on which search-terms to list your business for, we use that fee to start your listings.
      The fee is just to make sure you are really interested in getting leads. Alternatively, you can reserve your spot by transferring your ‘fee to

      Reserve your spot here to get your search-terms tested by A-M-I —>

      • Bank: HSBC Bank plc, 60 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4N 4TR
      • Account: Advanced Marketing on the Internet Ltd,
      • IBAN: GB35HBUK40116030219436,
      • Amount $100,
      • Reference: Lead Generation Services [your business name]
    5. We test the search-terms and let you know which ones we believe you can rank for on Google’s page one.
    6. You confirm which search-terms you want to rank for.
    7. You make your investment.
    8. We start to build Google listings with microsites and|or videos.
    9. You relax and enjoy seeing your listings appearing on Google.
Mile Stone Plan and Schedule

Mile Stone Plan and Weekly Project Schedule

– Mile Stone Plan

– Weekly Project Schedule


Service Contract and Scope

Service Provider Contract

– Service Contract

– Scope of Project Document

  • SW: which Pardot SW exists?
NSF Marketing Automation

NSF Marketing Automation components

  • Do it manually – at first
  • Test what’s working
  • Understand the feedback
  • Automate
  • Opt-in for e-book

NSF opt-in