“How To Get
A Pipeline Of Exclusive Business Leads
Online, Without The Cost
Of Exhibiting At Trade Shows
Or Attending Conferences.”

Use the 7 Steps outlined below, to build your own system

to get new clients online, using LinkedIn.

Dear Entrepreneur, Business Founder, Manager,

in tough times, it is important to be able to use a system that can generate business leads for you, even if you cannot exhibit at trade shows or attend conferences or conventions, currently. We want to support companies to get through the current crisis and have therefore put our lead generation system below, so you can use it for your purposes.

One of the advantages of this system is that you don't need to become a LinkedIn guru over time, with thousands of followers and post views.

Instead, you can start contacting potential clients within about 2-3 weeks of starting to use this lead generation system. And these potential clients usually will welcome the contact, if you use the system professionally, as described below.

This is a description of what we do to find B2B clients online and what you can do, too, to build a pipeline of potential clients online.


As you and I currently can’t exhibit at trade shows, attend conventions or meet people at conferences, this LinkedIn strategy works well to make connections with potential new clients. Potential clients, who, due to the lockdown, are working in their home office now, and are spending more time on social media than before COVID-19.

homeoffice 3k 2



In summary, you can and should publish (daily) about articles in your industry sector. This will get you noticed in your industry sector, by ideal clients, etc.

When you publish something about a potential client and mention him | her in the comment of the post, (s)he will get notified automatically by LinkedIn.

When (s)he gets notified, (s)he checks out what you wrote and has a look at your LinkedIn activities.

(S)he will see that you summarize what’s going on in the prospect’s industry sector, regularly and therefore you seem to be an authority in the field.

He will be pleased that you published s.th. about him, too. This gives you the opportunity to approach him via LinkedIn messenger and ask whether he has seen your post about him? (He probably has.)

This opens the door for you to start a conversation with the potential client and to introduce what you do, what opportunity you offer, etc.

It takes about 2 weeks of publishing consistently to build up enough presence, authority and trust to be able to start approaching your ideal clients.



For a start, publish more now and more consistently. We publish almost daily.

Remember, the amount of sales comes in direct proportion to the numbers of offers made.

I suggest you don’t publish only about your own products and services but include news about your industry sector and posts about potential clients.

lead generation posts

II. Here's Why:

When you publish only about your own products | services your readers will probably get bored quickly.

Instead, do them a favour and save them precious time by summarizing what’s going on in your industry sector.

We simply summarize articles about our niche, which is B2B Lead Generation. So, anyone interested in generating leads for their business is able to quickly scan the summary and decide whether they want to read the entire article or not.

Saving time for business


For busy people, being able to easily stay on top of what developments in their industry are happening, is valuable, as it saves them time and gives them a good overview.

When you publish consistently like this, you build your online presence, expand your authority in your industry sector and create trust.

Presence authority trust


It is interesting but when you publish almost daily, your readers will get to know you, even if you have never met.

I remember very well how sad I was when I heard that Internet marketer Corey Rudl had died in a car accident. At the time, I didn’t know much about digital marketing and I wondered why I became emotional that much when I had never met Corey, spoken to him or had any other contact other than getting his emails. The reason for my emotional response was that I had received his emails for a couple of weeks then. So in a way, I had formed an image of what he was like and he was no stranger anymore.

I am telling you this because your readers will get to know if you publish consistently.

Since we want to shorten typical sales cycles considerably, it is important that your potential clients know of you, when you contact them.

How do we do this?


III. It’s actually pretty straightforward.

This is the reason why you want to publish about your potential clients as well, not only your own products and services.

This is how you can do it: summarize an article your potential client has written and put it in a post on LinkedIn. Add a comment to that post where you mention the author of the article and their company. When you do this using the ‘@’ sign, LinkedIn will automatically notify the author that you have published something about them.

comment mention


IV. What will your potential client most probably do?

(S)he will go and check what you published: (s)he will read your post and see that you seem to be an authority in their field since you publish consistently about their industry sector.

Most people will be quite pleased that you included them in your publishing series.

Therefore, when you contact them via LinkedIn messenger, they know already about you, as they probably have had a look at your LinkedIn profile, too.

If this person is one of your 1st contacts on LinkedIn, you can message them directly. If not, you simply send them a connection request and you let them know that you are the one who just published and commented about them.

message linkedin contacts

Once the connection is made, you simply start a conversation which you can take anywhere you like, even – after some conversations – to a signed contract and a long-standing business relationship.

V. That’s it really. 

And yes, it is astonishing how open even high powered executives are, on LinkedIn messenger, if you strike the cords right.

And no, cold offers, at first contact hardly (ever) work, not even on LinkedIn.

So, just do what you would do if you would meet this person at a trade show, conference, convention, etc. Get to know each other, find out who they are and what they need currently and see whether you can help.

But you knew that already.



article summary client


VI. So, How Can You Get Going in 3 Simple Steps? 

  1. First, find a few articles about the current matters in your industry sector and get someone to write good summaries about those articles.
  2. Next publish these summaries on your website blog and your social media accounts, primarily LinkedIn, if you are in B2B. And the strategy explained above, works best for B2B.
  3. Once you have published about your industry sector for about two weeks, you can start including posts about your own products and services, as well as summaries about your potential clients’ content and you can start approaching them.

Now, I understand that publishing daily summaries of articles in your industry sector might not be something you have done before. That is the reason, we offer ‘daily publishing’ as a service but even if it isn’t ‘daily’ in the beginning, this strategy can still work for you.

Obviously, ‘the more presence, the better authority’ but starting to publish more is important and you will see, you will get into it.

Don’t forget that you can leverage each post in several ways.


4 ways to leverage content


VII. a) Here are Four Ways You Can Use Your Content:  

1. Set up the summaries as posts on your website blog, for traffic from search engines.

2. Post about the summaries on social media ( primarily LinkedIn and Twitter, but you can use Facebook and Instagram also), to engage with potential clients on social media.

3. Share posts to relevant LinkedIn groups to increase your readership numbers.

4. Comment on your LinkedIn posts, mentioning the article author and the company they work for, to get them notified by LinkedIn and to be able to approach them.

Because you are publishing consistently, LinkedIn shows these posts not only to your existing contacts but also to people who share an interest in your subject.

This increases the number of how many people will see your posts.

As explained, daily posts build your authority in your industry sector.

As a result, the number of your (LinkedIn) followers goes up, as well, which leads to even more people reading your posts.

Our clients usually want to focus on running their business, that is why we do the above for them, but you can do this with your resources, too, in your time.


IN leverage posts and article


VII. b) Leverage your existing content:  

Here is another way how you can leverage the content you already have on your website.

Publish an Article on LinkedIn simply by repurposing a report or a white-paper or even some extended content from a page on your website.

Leverage Even More: 9 Steps to Repurpose Your Content Further

Time is a precious resource, which is why one huge benefit—maybe the biggest —of repurposing content is the time it can save you in the content creation process.

One of the great things about good content is that you probably can share it today with almost the same value as you did when it was first published. We repost, as part of our social media management strategy, frequently content from our blog archives.

Now, this might not apply entirely to posts about the current Coronavirus | COVID-19 crisis, as hopefully this will be over soon and most people do not want to be reminded of this dreadful time but maybe you can use a part of those Coronavirus posts and turn them into evergreen content?

“Work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more people.” @Derek Halpern of @Social Triggers

Here are some ‘repurposing’ benefits:

  • Reach new audiences: “Multi-channel marketing … provides the content our audiences are searching for, in all the places they search.” @Michael Brenner of @SAP
  • Repeat your message: buyers may need to hear your message, on average, seven times before they’ll close the deal.
  • Get an SEO boost: if you take your repurposed content outside your site, you can receive quality links back to your site.


And here are 9 ways how you can repurpose your content outside of LinkedIn:

  1. Send your posts to your email list as not everybody is always on social media
  2. Offer your readers to receive your posts or maybe only the headlines with a link on their smartphones, for a quick glance onto what’s happening in their industry sector
  3. Create an ebook out of your posts. You can use your ebook to grow a subscriber list or for an additional revenue stream. “Ebooks have a reputation as quality content that provide readers great value,” says Kevan Lee, VP of marketing at Buffer. Use your ebook as a giveaway, reward, offer, or for income.
  4. Create a video series: some of your audience probably prefers content they don’t have to read. Therefore, podcasts and videos open up a whole new way to connect with additional audience groups.
  5. Host a webinar: a webinar allows you to present on a topic and engage your audience in a conversation. Your content can be a great jumping-off point for a webinar, or you can use a series of blogs as research for your webinar.
  6. Repurpose your webinar into video tutorials: not everyone will make it to your webinar. Don’t let your webinar go to waste. Repurpose it as a series of YouTube videos, ensuring that your content gets seen ‘forever’. And you may even drive new visitors to your site via YouTube!
  7. Repurpose the PowerPoint presentation, you put together for your webinar, into slide decks with SlideShare. Edit your slides slightly for a wider audience, upload your PowerPoint presentation to SlideShare, and embed the presentation in one of your web pages.
  8. Repurpose your PowerPoint slides into an infographic: just start with a good graph or chart and pretty it up a bit.
  9. Turn your posts into a podcast: if you do not want to speak or read the content yourself, just hire some voice talent on Fiverr to read your posts and suddenly you have a podcast! For best results, try editing your blog post so that its tone is a bit more relaxed and conversational.

You certainly don’t need to use all of these repurposing techniques but using these for your content will make sure you are getting the most value out of your content efforts.



Now, it’s time for you to get started. If you are in B2B, start with LinkedIn, it’s a must if your ideal clients use LinkedIn. When you start publishing, contacts, potential clients and chats with prospects, will develop from there.

IN conclusion start


Have success engaging in these new conversations and possibly striking a deal with them, when the time is right.

If you have any questions, let me know.



P.s. if you like the lead generation strategy explained above, please LikeComment and or Share this article here on LinkedIn, so others get the chance to see this as well. The LinkedIn algorithm shows content to more people when this content gets likes, comments or shares.

Maybe this lead generation can help others to get through the worst.


P.p.s. I understand that some people, companies would like us to carry out the Lead Generation System (LGS) described above.

Obviously, we are happy to take new clients on board (:-) but please understand that we can serve only a limited number of clients at a time.

By all means, check with me whether we have any slots available. You can send me a message using the form Contact form on this page: https://a-m-i-ltd.com/lead-generation-summaries/ and I will let you know about major updates we are making to improve and adjust the LGS Lead Generation System, according to any LinkedIn changes.

For questions on how to execute this strategy or certain aspects of it, please put these questions in the comments below, so everybody can learn from them and I will do my best to respond to questions.

If you want a faster answer, check the answers to some of the questions you might have, below, or for additional questions, visit the faq page that we have set up for LGS, here: https://a-m-i-ltd.com/faq-lead-generation-system/

Please let us know, in the Comments below, how you are getting on with the strategy laid out here. How fast were you able to get clients? Is there anything you would suggest how we can make this lead generation system even better?


Some questions are answered here:

FAQ lead generation system



The ‘LGS – Lead Generation System’ is for businesses who want to increase the number of quality leads to grow their business consistently.

This is for you if

  • your focus is on B2B
  • your ideal clients can be found on LinkedIn
  • You don’t have the time to publish ‘daily’ yourself
  • you are not an expert at social media, LinkedIn
  • you tried Google Adwords

‘LGS’ is for you, if you want a lead generation system, that

  • gets you exclusive, high quality leads
  • offers real value to your potential clients by saving them time
  • helps your potential clients to effortlessly stay up-to-date in your industry sector
  • is a system that easily pays for itself in new revenue



Yes, as the Lead Generation System works actually best for B2B clients.

In fact, the longer your sales cycles are, the more lead nurturing your clients need, the more you should be using a professionally automated and continuous content publishing system!

The trust you are building with this kind of lead nurturing is quite different from paying for ads.



Unlike traditional internet marketing plans that focus on one area of improving search engine rankings and traffic, online content marketing impacts your overall web presence. It introduces customers to your company or brand without being pushy. It convinces repeat visitors that you are trustworthy.

Content marketing can spread your name far and wide, ensuring that more people know about you and what you are about.

That is why content marketing has been deemed one of the most effective methods of lead generation online!

Content marketing indeed is a very effective marketing strategy as part of marketing automation and a successful sales funnel. It shows your ideal customers interesting content continuously, keeping you and your brand on their mind. A lot of your ideal clients haven't heard from you so far and aren't aware of what you have to offer.

Content marketing changes that!

  • In stage 1 your ideal customers become aware of you, simply by seeing posts, articles and, videos etc. you are publishing.
  • In stage 2 your potential customers build trust in your brand, your products, and services, simply by you continuing to publish valuable information, relevant to their niche, their needs and wants.
  • In stage 3 potential customers become actual customers or clients when they follow your invitation to purchase offers.

Content takes many forms, from blogs and articles to infographics or motion graphics. Instead of making hard sales pitches, content marketing serves as a way to introduce consumers to your brand. It's a low-pressure way to bring new leads into your sales process, providing content that is truly helpful and useful.

While link building plans focus solely on text links, the value of content marketing comes from the myriad of departments involved and the creative techniques used to develop a content outreach strategy that goes far beyond traditional link building.

Other content marketing firms may focus just on creating your content—but we're different. Our plans include everything from design and creation to SEO, outreach, social media, and natural link earning.

While some companies focus mostly on building links, the value of a professional content marketing strategy stretches far beyond that of links as you can build a highly valuable brand with predictable sales and an outstanding ROI.

Warning: Don't get tempted when offered a ‘cheap' link building service with fast rankings …

Link building did indeed work a couple of years ago but Google does NOT like artificially built, aka. bought links and has become very effective in spotting manufactured links and handing out hefty penalties taking your site off the rankings and your online income down in a blink. Link building has become unsafe!

Today professional content marketing services include strategies dedicated to increasing your website's power and rankings through high-quality content like market niche relevant abstracts and summaries, video clips, summaries, and transcripts, social media posts, branded blog posts, weekly digest e-mails, and even eBooks.



We indeed, are in the process of putting together a video course that shows how you can use LGS and we appreciate your feedback about what you think how we can make this a great video course that helps you to set up this lead generation system.



You can use the lead generation system described above in whatever language you can create content and answer client questions. We currently offer this service primarily in English language, can do German, too. No other languages at the moment, as all team members would have to speak that language, too.



Yes, most probably, as we have seen this work in many niches. Best is to explain what you do, just send us a message via Contact form on this page: https://a-m-i-ltd.com/lead-generation-summaries/



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