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Oct ……., 2018






Karl zu Ortenburg

Advanced Marketing on the Internet Ltd


Dear ………,


Enclosed please find the proposal with information about our Lead Capture Service (LCS) relating to the [Company Name] Lead Generation project for your kind consideration.


Karl zu Ortenburg

Advanced Marketing on the Internet Ltd


Lead Capture Service Proposal


[Company Name] (you, the Client) wishes to increase the number of leads and sales generated via the Internet and to expand the recognition of its brand and products.

Advanced Marketing on the Internet Ltd (AMI, we, us) hereby offers to [Company Name] (the Client) to increase its website traffic and business leads for its products and services as well as to expand the recognition of its brand.



Getting clients over the internet becomes more and more difficult as costs to advertise or to get found on Google’s search results pages increase day by day.


As the main options of advertising and ranking for keywords become increasingly difficult, what can be done to attract potential clients, to a website?


Instead of mainstream keywords, we are using very specific, highly relevant search terms to get leads to the client’s website.


These so-called long-tail keywords have, besides the much lower competition hence less cost, another big advantage: These terms get used by people who are actively searching for a solution and in most cases, these people know better what they want. This simply means that when people are using this kind of specific search terms and they come to your website, they are more likely to convert.


Your competitors might not yet be interested in these specific terms (hopefully) because these specific search terms simply just get less search volume than the mainstream keywords. In order to get overall search volumes equal to or maybe even higher than the search volumes mainstream keywords enjoy, you would have to have thousands of these specific search terms bringing you potential clients.


That is what we do: we build websites that contain thousands of these specific search terms on thousands of website pages. When Google, Bing, etc. index these pages, they get found as search results in the search engines and active searches start clicking on these organic listings on Google and Bing.


When searchers then come to one of the websites we built, we let them briefly interact with our content and then redirect them to the client’s website. The client usually has an opt-in on his landing pages, to get website visitors onto his email list. Once these visitors have opted in to his email list, he can send autoresponder messages to them, increasing the trust and turning those visitors into clients ‘automagically’.


Why isn't everybody doing this?


  1. Simply because most people don't like the lower search volumes of these highly specific search terms and
  2. they do not have the team and (AI) tools to build websites large enough to deliver astounding overall search volumes.

However leads traffic in large numbers doesn’t come overnight: since we build our sites over time, we always ask the clients for patience: we set up a 3-month pilot project to set up the Lead Capture System (LCS) and start building these large sites with thousands of pages and search terms.


We monitor the traffic coming to the client's website and discuss with the client for what search terms to increase the traffic even further. The client can use true global campaigns, using about 20 major languages, including Arabic and Asian languages or we can tailor his or her campaigns to certain countries, regions, cities or industry sectors.


In terms of fees, we currently charge only a minimum monthly fee and do not waste any of the client’s valuable time. Thus, by offering such a cost effective and time efficient service, clients usually enjoy higher profit margins, additionally to increased business. We use a sliding investment scale as the value of our leads traffic increases vastly over time, as we continue to build thousands of website pages with highly specific, relevant and converting search terms.


In terms of technology we see it as driving your car: how much do you really know about how the engine of your car works? In most cases it's just enough to know how to get from A to B. The same applies here: in a nutshell, we build a large number of static HTML website pages using different (AI) software and other tools and in the end all you really need to know is how much traffic you are getting and how many of these leads are converting into profitable business.

Project Goals and Value

  • Goals:
    • Generate quality leads for the client
    • Send relevant traffic and leads to the client’s website to increase business for the client
    • Qualify leads through
      • a) specific, industry sector relevant, long-tail keywords (search terms) on website pages to be listed on the search engines
      • b) relevant text on opt-in page (on client’s landing page)
  • Value:
    • Low cost & time-efficient lead generation will increase profit margins
    • Increase in sales over last year
    • Shorter sales cycles
    • Increasing continuous lead flow
    • Use of specific, relevant, highly converting search-terms
    • Exclusive leads
    • Brand expansion
    • Industry authority

Leads Capture System

The Leads Capture System (LCS):

  • We will set up the Lead Capture System (LCS) for the client’s product and | or services.
  • LCS sends the leads traffic from the search engines to the client’s website.
    (On the client’s landing page website visitors see an opt-in and|or a product or service listing. To improve conversion rates the client may use a funnel. Landing page, funnel etc. on the client site are not part of LCS. LCS delivers the traffic.)

  • We build a number of websites in the client’s niche.
  • On these niche websites, we set up a large number of pages
  • Each page has been written and optimized for a specific, relevant search-term


  • When a searcher clicks on an organic listing on Google, Bing, usually they get to the respective page of the site listed in the search results. With LCS, however, searchers get redirected almost instantly to the client’s website.


  • We build websites with static HTML pages.
  • Traffic will be generated through clicks on organic listings in the search engines.
  • Specific, relevant search engine listings get created when search engines index the website pages we built with long-tail keywords.
  • Website page texts get written for specific, relevant, long-tail keywords that usually enjoy higher conversion rates than general search-terms.
  • We do not sell leads to multiple clients to your competitors (‘some’ lead companies do). We only split the traffic stream when you tell us you are getting enough leads.


Software and Tools:

  • We use various proprietary (AI) software systems, to build, strengthen and manage the websites we use, to send traffic to the client’s website.



  • AMI
    • Build websites with a large number of pages, containing specific, relevant, highly-converting (long-tail) search-terms. Redirect website visitors to the Client’s website.
    • Karl zu Ortenburg: key account project manager
    • Continually involved in major aspects of the project
    • Primary interface with your management
  • The Client
    • Send a list of search-terms, product or service brand and competitor names to AMI.
    • Provide URL for the landing page with opt-in.
    • Reasonable access to past and current documentation that would aid the project within the timeframes outlined
  • The Client and AMI (joint accountabilities)
    • Discuss list and focus of search-terms used for lead | traffic campaigns.
    • Decide on the focus for lead traffic campaigns
      • Global (worldwide via English and main foreign languages)
      • National (for countries via their respective language)
      • Local (e.g. via cities, regions)
    • Product | service focused
    • Monitoring project progress and success



  • For the LEADS CAPTURE SYSTEM (LCS), we estimate 3 – 6 months to set up, monitor, and test the system, as Google usually takes about six months to index the majority of pages of a new website (‘Google Sandbox’). Setting up the LCS system should be accomplished within the first month. In subsequent months, we will continue to build websites and website pages as necessary.
  • A pilot project for the period of three (3) months is agreed hereby. After three months from the signature of this agreement, both parties may terminate this agreement. This agreement continues on a monthly basis unless one of the parties cancels the agreement.
  • These time frames assume that you and us experience no unforeseen delays.



To accomplish the objectives set for the project described herein, investments per one product or service group are as follows:

  • 1st month: $ 500 (Initial setup mth)
  • 2nd to 6th mth: $ 1,000 /mth (Google Sandbox period)
  • 7th to 12th mth: $ 2,200 /mth

  • 2nd year (12 mths): $ 3,500 /mth
  • 3rd year (12 mths): $ 4,700 /mth


Terms and Conditions

Our work is guaranteed: we guarantee to increase leads traffic to your website by at least 28% within six (6) months. In the event you feel that we are not meeting the standards described herein or based on our agreement, and we cannot meet them after your notification and an attempt to correct any shortcomings, we will refund your fee on your request for the part which you are not satisfied with upon such notification.


Unlimited access to the project manager’s time during office hours, with 24 hrs response times.


We will sign your non-disclosure agreement if requested, and all of our work is conducted within strict bounds of confidentiality.


Travel in the general Munich area, administrative, logistical, and communication are included. Reasonable travel and living expenses outside the Munich are submitted monthly if incurred for the project, and payment is due upon receipt of our statement.


Costs for buying domains, hosting, AI software, website design, traffic and website management software to build and manage AMI niche websites are to be paid by AMI. Additional costs, e.g. for advertising, such as retargeting, are not included and will need to be paid by the Client if applicable. The websites we build, remain AMI property.


Payment terms are as outlined above. If you choose to pay a lump sum for any number of months at the beginning of the project, we offer a courtesy of a 10% reduction of the fee for these months. While this project may be or rescheduled, fees are due as indicated. You agree to the fee structure outlined and will adhere to the reimbursement of expenses procedures as specified.


Besides employing our own team, we will outsource some of the work to specialists, to achieve the best results for you in the shortest time possible.


Please note that this proposal is copyrighted and contains A-M-I intellectual property. It may therefore not be shared with anyone outside of your organization, without written approval by AMI. If you agree with this proposal, would you please sign and return a signed copy via email scan. We will return a signed copy via FedEx and my team and I can begin working on your project within a week of your acceptance and receipt of funds.



Please understand that we might not be able to work on this project to deliver leads traffic, if …

  • … there is no considerable search volume or publishing activity in your industry sector. We will be able to assess this, once we have seen relevant search-terms for your industry sector, business, products and|or services.
  • … your industry sector was taken up by competitors already, meaning, we have started to work for a competitor. In that case, you would most probably have to endure a waiting period of at least six months to one year.


Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this important project.



Karl zu Ortenburg MSc Sloan

CEO, Advanced Marketing on the Internet Ltd





Your signature below indicates acceptance of this proposal and the terms and conditions set forth herein. Alternatively, your initial payment per the terms indicated above will also represent acceptance of this proposal.


This proposal is accepted hereby and forms an agreement between [Company Name] and Advanced Marketing on the Internet Ltd.



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