The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has just released a new ebook called “Craft Your Brand Adventure: The 2018 Guide To Essential Marketing Tactics.”

It contains case studies and advice useful for both big and small enterprises, because a small player with a really creative, compelling, well-crafted content marketing approach can still make an enormous splash, as illustrated by cases such as the Virginia Aquarium’s low-cost, high-impact use of cute animal photos to raise awareness of their brand across the internet.

Other examples include Capital One’s effort to create higher-quality “long-form” content that has gained a loyal readership, and Velcro’s humorous efforts to combat their brand’s frequent colloquial usage as a catch-all for any hook-and-eye fastening patch. “Craft You’re brand Adventure” has great tips and tricks for new and seasoned content marketing professionals alike.

Key Points:

  • Inspiring brand examples of content marketing success
  • Social media posts: The Virginia Aquarium’s Tweet
  • Pre-produced video: Don’t Say Velcro, Say VELCRO®
  • Illustrations/photos: Getty Images’ Amanda Foundation Collection
  • Content hubs: Capital Ideas
  • Online presentations: 24Slides
  • Earn critical experience points

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a solid guide in place will help you reach your goals in a more simplistic and organized manner.
  • Smaller companies can successfully compete with commercial corporations by engaging more with consumers.
  • Creating engaging and quirky tactics like different videos allow you to engage on a personal level with potential leads.

“[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Whether you reached wizard status or are still figuring out what your skills and strengths might be, no content experience your audience desires is beyond your organization’s creative grasp.[/social_quote] In fact, with a solid plan and a little ingenuity, brands of all types and sizes can craft epic-level content.”

Image: CMI
Service: Lead Generation
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