One of YouTube's huge success stories was the web series, “Will It Blend” by Blendtec.

Its popularity was also a great example of how video content can get you attention, generate leads, and drive sales.

To get leads, one has to figure out how to generate engagement with their audience.

Not everyone has an original idea like Will It Blend but you can choose other video formats.

‘Explainer' videos, live streams, Q&A sessions, video case studies, and video product tours are all good bets for content that indeed can deliver leads and drive sales.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. There are content creators that create video series that help to drive financial sales with companies.
  2. Studies from Animoto show that 4x the amount of potential buyers would rather watch a video rather than reading about it.
    (And you wouldn't be surprised that a video company such as Animoto would find this kind of results, would you? … Neil Patel's research shows that readers prefer actionable texts with images to watching videos. And yes, Neil does videos, too but he claims, his success comes from his long-form articles.)
  3. 50% of Internet users will look for videos using a product before they commit to purchasing it, to make sure the product actually does what it states.

“The key to using a sales/conversion-focused video is presenting it in the right context. In other words, a video that’s aiming to convert should be deployed when your customers have already demonstrated significant interest in your brand and product offering,” says Larry Lubin.

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