Facebook is still the most prominent avenue when it comes to marketing through social media, and using Facebook Ads is a great way to generate some solid leads.

Even by just providing visitors with the opportunity to give you new lead information can generate high sales.

If you're looking to be more generous, providing them the option of downloading a B2B demo book is another way to gain their attention as well as future business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook ads can help you generate leads from previous consumers as well as new ones.
  • A great promotional tool is to offer a free sample to those who provide contact information.
  • Facebook Ads allow you to keep conversion costs minimal while your profits rise.

“If your Facebook Ad has a click-through-rate rate of .05%, 50,000 impressions, and a landing page conversion rate of 25%, you'll book 5 demos. Let's say the ad budget plays out that you pay $50 per demo booking.”

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