Did you know that over 29% of those who work in content marketing actually repurpose their posts?

When you repurpose previous postings, you are making sure that old content does not get lost in a time warp. Giving a new outlook to previous content will allow the main point of the content to still resonate with people but in a fresher way.

In these changing times, marketing tactics that work also start to vary, and repurposing content to align with modern times can result in optimal profit.

“Create less, promote more.” ~Salma Jafri


Key Takeaways:

  • Most marketers do not have a lot of time to produce new quality content, so repurposing is a convenient alternative.
  • Many marketers often research the previous topic more to provide a fresh outlook.
  • After you've done the repurposing, it is important to promote it for the full effect.

“Eyes on it means traffic, traffic means shares and interest, shares mean more eyes and greater awareness which generates still more eyes on it, which means more prospects and potential for conversion, and round and round it goes.”

Image: kissmetrics.com

Read more: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/repurposing-content/