One of the important things that you can do is develop a genuine relationship with your web developer and really try to understand their role and get to know them.

You need to gain their trust and you also need to learn from them as well.

You can learn from your developers and that can help you become a stronger SEO.

It's also important to encourage your developers and point out their great work as well.

Finally, ask your developers for feedback so that you can know what you need to improve and how you can better your relationship with them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a relationship with your web developers as a strategy to have things run smoother
  • Cultivating trust with your web developers can be done by admitting that you have no idea
  • When something goes well, share the success with your web developers and thank them

“Cultivating a positive, productive relationship with your web developers is one of the smartest (and most empathetic) things you can do as an SEO,” says Britney Muller, SEO & Content Architect at Moz.

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