Brand storytelling is when you use a story that is created around your brand.

Storytelling should not focus on just the brand.

Storytelling is a way to connect with your customers. It should communicate your companies values and the things that make you different from your competitors.

Storytelling should include your characters, a setting, a problem and a way to solve the problem that involves your product.

For the story to work, the story should include the reasons why the customers want to be a part of your brand and show what they need and how to fill that need. You can use a journalist and a news outlet to showcase your brand.

Another method is to use audience-centred storytelling as a way to show off your brand.

Data-driven brand storytelling is another way to showcase your brand. Use the data from your product and present that.

Key Takeaways:

  • Good brand storytelling includes a variety of narrative elements and clear expression of what your company’s values are and what it stands for.
  • Brand narratives should clearly demonstrate your company’s history, major characters and events, and why it exists.
  • WP Brandstudio closely analyzes data and trends to create journalism-style multimedia content about companies.

“The team conceives a brand storytelling campaign at an intersection where cultural insights, brand insights, and editorial insights meet.” says, Dennis Shiao, an independent marketing consultant.

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