For those who rely on social media to carry their advertising and “branding”, fear of popularity and therefore revenue decline is a troubling reality.

With all the different platforms and fluid social media landscape, it’s hard for brands to know what decision is best.

A channel plan solves this problem.

Generally, this plan should be precise and make informed decisions.

Specifically, it should consider: audience, goals, topics, post frequency, format, tone, personnel management, and how to measure performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although you want your brand to appear on social media sites, it's best to develop a strategy and not simply go for every available platform.
  • Certain types of ads tend to lend themselves well to certain types of platforms.
  • Do some research to understand the different ways that users interact on each media site before picking your social media ad venues.

“Social media can be a tough nut to crack, as the rules, opportunities, audiences, and value propositions vary greatly from one channel to another – and can shift gears abruptly without a moment’s notice,” says Jodi Harris, the director of editorial content and curation at Content Marketing Institute

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