The basic goal of all marketing is “conversion”, the act of turning the target of the advertising into a customer.

However, conversion should be the start of engagement with and “evangelization” towards the new customer. [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]By effectively understanding customers' motivations and building deeper, continuous relationships with them, it is possible to motivate customers to engage much more proactively than they otherwise might.[/social_quote]

This can include persuading them to buy additional products, extend memberships, link their account with your business to other accounts, and other actions besides the simple initial purchase decision.

Key Points:
Don’t stop building relationships at conversion
Change how you view the buyer’s journey
Get inside customers’ hearts and heads
Use data to understand power users’ behavior
Create content that changes existing users’ behavior
Guide the aha moment

Key Takeaways:

  • Do not just focus on converting your traffic into potential leads, focus more on making actual changes once you acquire their business.
  • Become an active participant in you and your consumer's relationship by delivering them consistently, personalized content.
  • Be sure to consider things from your client's perspective like what their favorite products are and how to make their lives easier.

This 60-year-old quote from management great Peter Drucker reminds marketers that their work – creating demand, generating traffic, prompting social shares, or even gathering leads — is in service of this one clear goal. It’s a refreshing pause button on all the distracting possibilities available.

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